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E-M:/ White Pine Tailings Dust

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

This problem is an artifact of Michigan having the 
weakest metallic mine reclamation statute in the U.S.......

....with mine owners being able to walk away from 
multiple square miles of unvegetated tailings basins  (over
3.0 square miles of tailings basins at the White Pine mine).

....thanks to years of Joe Mack and Dominic Jacobetti....


TITLE:  EPA Investigates Copper Mine Tailings Basins at 
Copper Range Company, White Pine, Michigan 

ACTION SUMMARY:  As a result of recent episodes of dust 
emissions caused by Copper Range Company's tailings basins
near White Pine, Michigan, the U.S. EPA, with assistance from 
the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality , visited the
site on July 9, 1998 to investigate the extent of the dust emissions.  
Subsequent to the most serious dust episode on May 9,
1998, Copper Range Company partially flooded the basins 
to minimize the formation of the dust.  Michigan has set up monitors
at the White Pine High School for continuous air quality measurements.  
These monitors have not recorded airborne particulate
concentrations above EPA standards at this site.  In general, 
EPA is concerned about any heavy exposure of the public to
airborne dust particles, which can cause health effects, 
including damage to respiratory systems.  The EPA and the State will
continue to monitor the conditions on the tailings basins. 

CONTACT PERSON: Jeffrey L. Gahris 
TELEPHONE: (312) 886-6794 
E-MAIL: gahris.jeffrey@epamail.epa.gov 

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