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E-M:/ Fieger on Environment

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Now that Geoffrey Fieger has won the Democratic primary, 
you may want to look at his environment platform, which
was taken from his web site....  (see below)



Virtually every independent environmental group has recognized the
tremendous damage done by the Engler administration. His environmental
policies are best characterized as "bosses, bigots and big business". He has
excoriated the DNR and transformed it into an extorter of fees for sportsmen.

He has removed the public's ability to provide input and oversight over policy
and programs. He has forced the public to pay for the clean up of pollution by

He has encouraged the use of Michigan as a repository of hazardous
waste from other States. 

He has allowed the best park system in the country to
become a disgrace. He has allowed development of land without regard to the
impact on the ecosystem and without any coordinated plan. He has
deliberately allowed destruction of buildings and the deterioration of the
nfrastructure in urban areas which adversely affect the health of the poor and

We propose to actively lead the Great Lakes region in restoring and
preserving our natural resources. We will put into place a structure and
process that will balance economic development with "ecologic" development.

An integral part of our policy is incorporating citizen and local oversight of
programs. We propose the following programs to start: 

Consolidate the DEQ and a reinvigorated DNR into agency with citizen

Develop coordinated land development plans with emphasis on clean-up
and utilization of existing development and preservation of rural areas. 

Immediate cessation of importation of solid and hazardous waste from
other states and countries. 

Attack non-point pollution. 

Revive the "polluter pays" law and expand enforcement capability. 

Urban environmental initiative: clean up emphasizing environmental
                    impact studies on old structure demolition, mass transit
and sensible
                    transportation planning, hazardous waste, sewage and
                    rebuilding, urban re-forestation. 

Revive and reinforce wetlands protections. 

Clean water initiative: protect Great Lakes, inland lakes and clean up
well waters. 

Revive and reinforce park/forest system. 

Protect the integrity of the Natural Resources Trust Fund: no more fiscal
raiding or diversions. 

Moratorium on oil and gas leases on public lands until environmental
impact studied and public input.

We do not support the current Environmental Bond for the following reasons: it
is an added tax which spends taxpayers money to clean up the environment
even when the polluter is known and it does not have sufficient provisions to
prevent recontamination. In effect it is a revolving tax payer loan bank for
polluters to continue to pollute new areas with impugnity. The money may be
necessary for existing needs, but should be generated by the polluters in the
interest of fairness and incentive to discontinue polluting. 

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