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E-M:/ New TRansit Advocacy Initiative in Detroit [TRAID]

Enviro-Mich message from "Karen D. Kendrick-Hands" <kdkhands@voyager.net>

We see the opportunity to influence the agenda of the National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America which will be held in Detroit May 2-5,1999. In reviewing the web page http://www.sustainableamerica.org/ it appears that an explicit discussion of the case for and means to provide diversity in urban transportation options may not yet be part of the program. We are looking for those interested in developing town meeting sessions around urban transportation diversity. What better place than Detroit to spotlight this vision! If you see this as your opportunity, please contact either Karen or Larry at the addresses given below. The time to enroll Southeast Michigan to build transit options is now:

Indicators of positive transit vision in Southeast Michigan:
* SMART millage renewed with margins of up to 4-1.
* Development of Downtown Detroit attractions [stadiums and casinos] which will justify People Mover expansion or light/commuter rail
* New Airport terminal which won't be world class without provision for light/commuter rail transit from downtown to all terminals
* Pending development of rail service between downtown Detroit and Lansing
* Planned and funded intermodal rail and bus station to be served by People Mover Expansion
* Commitment to development of riverfront bikepath and pedestrian access.
* Campus Martius Development.
* Need to reduce adverse air quality impacts likely from increased use of single occupancy vehicles to a revitalized and vibrant downtown.

High visibility for a Transportation Diversity Agenda at the National Town Meeting will help develop a common vision. Our message to the National Town Meeting Development Committee follows:

Please bring us up to date on the emphasis that the National Town Meeting for Sustainable America will give to development of non-auto dependent transportation. Non-auto dependent transportation is a salient characteristic of sustainable communities and results in stronger, more prosperous and inclusive communities.  

We see the need for Detroit and other urban areas to increase commitment to transportation diversity including commuter/light rail from downtown to suburbs and airports, better youth access to community transit systems, and reduced reliance on single occupancy vehicles. The National Town Meeting sounds like the right forum in which to discuss these issues, but we fear that this theme might be given less play than it deserves.  Urban and regional transit options are essential to ensure cleaner air, connecting job-seekers with employment, nurturing family values and developing a focal point for community pride.  We commit to help develop a track within the town meeting that addresses these issues.

If you're not sure why you received this message, or can think of someone else who should also have gotten it, please pass it on :)! Apologies upfront for duplicate postings.

Karen D. Kendrick-Hands
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Lawrence M. Hands
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