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E-M:/ Re: Dam Government

Enviro-Mich message from carlson@net-link.net (jcarlson)

I've seen that "Dam Government" thing before, and find it less than
humorous as 200 plus acres of wetlands around me are being filled,
bulldozed and burned for a golf course.  It was a fascinating area, pretty
much untouched for fifty years or more...but gone now.  A beaver-mote gets
governmental attention, a golf-course sty goes unobserved.  Ha ha.

Can anyone on this list direct me to someone who knows about propagating
Michigan native plants?  There is one area that has not been bulldozed and
I'd like to try to "rescue" some of the interesting plantlife.  I might be
able to get permission.  Then again, considering what's been done, maybe
not.  (SW Michigan, way south of Kalamazoo)

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