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E-M:/ Republicans battle it out -- Reply

Enviro-Mich message from nancy.shiffler@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

In response to Tracy Mehan's reply on this issue:

I would be more willing to consider the Tocquevillian environmental approaches 
Tracy refers to if I had more confidence that they are in fact sincere attempts 
to find other means to solve environmental problems.  There is always the 
suspicion that these approaches are really an attempt to find palatable language 
to mask environmentally destructive policies.

The Progressive Movement's reliance on big government solutions was a reasonable 
response to the growing power of big business monopolies at the turn of the 
century -- very much in the tradition of the checks and balances approach of the 
Constitution.  While I fully support finding local solutions where possible, the 
increasingly national and international scope of operations for those who seek 
to exploit natural resources and labor calls for equally national and 
international checks and balances.

Nancy Shiffler

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