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Enviro-Mich message from "Tim Flynn" <tflynn@freeway.net>

>Enviro-Mich message from "Tracy  Mehan" <MEHANG@state.mi.us>
>Personally, I think the principles of subsidiarity and federalism allow for 
>a prudential decision as to what is or isn't a federal responsibility. For 
>instance, long range air transport of toxic requires a broader national 
>approach than, say, nonpoint source pollution on Lake Macatawa.  Case by 
>case evaluation may be the answer.


Nancy's point, I think, is that when both of the polluters, in the above
cases, operate multi-nationally, pollution control by the "local" entity is
less and less possible  Why?  Divide and conqueror strategies by the
corporation that seeks always to lower costs.

Higher pollution efficiency standards imposed by the nation, state, or
township, raise the cost of doing business for the individual firm, even
while reducing the overall cost (pollution, noise, etc) of manufacturing to
the community (global, national or local).   If that firm operates globally
neither the nation or the community can set standards without precipitating
a capital flight to a "community" with lower standards.  This is what
Regan's new federalism was all about at the national level, IMHO.

MAI and WTO, seek to protect the rights of international investors and
capital, these agreements do so at the expense of communities, of whatever
size.  Forcing all of us to lower our standards in order to get or keep

This process doesn't even require avarice by the corporations.  It is a
function of the way the system is set up.   For the individual corporation,
it's own survival requires screwing over local communities in order to
lowering its the cost of production.  If they don't other corporations will.
 It's the structure of the economic system that counts, and the current
globalization agreements are exactly the wrong way go.

They take power from communities and give it to supra-national capital, and
the folks that control it.

Tim Flynn, 
a small community based business owner.

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