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Tracy et al (not to pick on Tracy, but to assure a continuous train of
dialogue): Talking to local service groups is important, and needs to be done,
(and I KNOW Tom is doing it a lot -- you ought to see the trinkets he gets!).
Equally important, though, is the willingness of enviros to roll up their
sleeves and dig in at the local level.  In that arena there are many
environmental activists that I have seen actually doing at the local level,
particularly as the devolution of and undermining of environmental regulations
have gone forward.  By that I mean the folks who set up conservancies, who
established local organizations to work on issues of all sorts, who got
themselves involved in local elected and appointed posts within their

The irony of what has happened in Michigan during the last decade is the loss
of legitimate forums for these local environmental activists to actually
leverage appropriate regulations and permitting activities at the local level.
While devolution of authority over environmental regulations has been the
mantra of many, the reality has been efforts to preempt local regulatory
functions over things such as pesticide use, wetlands protection, waste
disposal, etc.  You can't have it both ways -- either there is a willingness
to give locals authority (with a floor to assure uniform minimums) or the
claims that communities should be given deference amount to only supporting
the ability to weaken the laws, not strengthen them.

Anne Woiwode

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