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E-M:/ Ammunition in fighting greenscamming

Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

Folks:  I offer the below with a disclaimer:  I am an Independent who believes
that there are still outstanding environmental Republicans and knows far too
many truly wretched anti-environmental Democrats.  But the efforts by the
Republican leaders in increasing numbers of forums to skew the facts so that
it appears the agenda the leadership is promoting is environmentally
sensitive when clearly it is not really frosts me. Heck, if they are happy
living in a dirtier, less ecologically diverse world, then why they just SAY
that and we can get down to brass tacks!  The two web sites listed below are
fascinating as an example of spin and counterspin, where the first is
just hogwash and the second darn close to the truth. One last note: keep in
mind that some of the most "impressive records" are those set by people who
were SO bad that one suspected they had to WORK at being that bad -- that
seems to be the case here.

Anne Woiwode

The GOP leadership issued a July 15 report "the Historic Environmental
Achievements of the 105th Congress."  As you might imagine, this report is
chock full of greenscamming, cover to cover.   On July 20, the GOP circulated
an election strategy guide that urged GOP candidates to repeat the following
message ad nauseum: "the Republican Congress has an impressive record of
environmental achievement."  The mandate in the GOP commucications strategy is
to drive this "core message...every day, at every opportunity from now until

Rep. George Miller (California) and his staff have prepared a detailed
rebuttal to this puff piece that should be very useful for anyone faced with
greenscamming by an incumbent candidate.  Miller's report is entitled:  The
Great Republican Environmental P.R. Campaign."  It not only rebuts the
particular examples in the GOP report, but also provides a very good overview
of the anti-environmental riders and an analysis of some of the votes on
stripping the riders.

Both the GOP achievements document and the Miller rebuttal are available on
the Web.

 The Historic Environmental Achievements of the 105th Congress 
 The Great Republican "Environmental P.R. Campaign

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