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If the issue of saving the remnant lynx populations becomes an issue of habitat
preservation, consideration of the future status of the lynx must be addressed.

Consider, what is the goal of giving a rare species the distinction endangered?
Clearly all concerned parties hope that the lynx will reach sufficient numbers
such that their fate escapes a perilous end.  However, if each population is
considered separately, adequate habitat must be protected in each geographic
setting to build a viable population (this is a situation where humans aren't
required to intervene in order to maintain the local populations).  If this
minimum adequate habitat has already been lost at some of these sites, then
cutting the losses and relocating some individuals (while protecting a large
chunk of viable habitat consistent with the existing stable populations) may be
the best route.

On the other hand, if lynx habitat can be restored and/or corridors can be
built between populations, then I would fully support a concerted effort to
protect each and every population of the lynx.


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