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E-M:/ First inventory of toxic air emissions in the Great Lakes basin released

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>Subject: First inventory of toxic air emissions in the Great Lakes basin
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>First inventory of toxic air emissions in the Great Lakes basin released
>For Immediate Release: August 24, 1998
>Contact: Julie Wagemakers
>Great Lakes Commission
>Phone: 734-665-9135
>Fax: 734-665-4370
>E-mail: juliew@glc.org
>ANN ARBOR, Mich.— The Great Lakes Commission announces the release of the
>Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory, a unique milestone in
>the continuing effort to quantify and manage the toxic air emissions that
>impact the waters and communities of the Great Lakes basin.  This inventory,
>based on 1993 data, includes data from all eight Great Lakes states and the
>province of Ontario and provides the first practical test of processes,
>procedures and systems developed to ensure that basinwide inventories are
>accurate and consistent.
>The objective of this ongoing partnership with the U.S. Environmental
>Protection Agency is to provide researchers and policymakers with basinwide
>data on the source and emission levels of 49 toxic contaminants, including
>Methylene Chloride, 1,1,1-Trichloroethane, Tetrachloroethylene, Manganese
>and Lead.
>The development and release of the inventory is an important step in meeting
>the goals of the 1986 Great Lakes Toxic Substances Control Agreement, signed
>by the Great Lakes governors, and the 1990 U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments.
>“We have successfully assembled the infrastructure and mechanisms that allow
>the Great Lakes states and Ontario to work cooperatively and share resources
>to approach regional air pollution problems,” says Orlando Cabrera-Rivera of
>the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ Bureau of Air Management.
>The Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory identifies the point and area
>sources of emissions of toxic air pollutants throughout the Great Lakes
>drainage basin.  Working cooperatively through the Great Lakes Commission,
>inventory work is undertaken by the air quality departments of each Great
>Lakes state and province.
>In compiling the inventory, challenges were encountered in terms of data
>breadth, quality, availability and consistency from one jurisdiction to the
>next.  Thus, this initial inventory should not be used to compare one state
>or province’s emissions against another’s, but rather to demonstrate the
>potential of such a comprehensive inventory as a decision support tool.
>The inventory project strengthens decisionmaking capabilities in the basin
>by promoting interjurisdictional consistency in data collection and
>analysis, establishing standard procedures and protocols, developing an
>automated emission estimation and inventory system, and demonstrating the
>value of Internet technology to exchange environmental data.
>“Release of this initial emissions inventory is a beginning, not an end,”
>explains Dr. Michael J. Donahue, executive director of the Great Lakes
>Commission.  “The inventory will be expanded and refined in the future to
>provide a truly comprehensive assessment of toxic contaminant emissions from
>point, area and mobile sources throughout the Great Lakes basin.”
>The Great Lakes states and Ontario, with technical support from the Great
>Lakes Commission, are now compiling the next basinwide inventory using 1996
>data, expected to be completed in summer 1999.
>For an online copy of the Great Lakes Air Toxic Emissions Inventory, see
>http://www.glc.org/projects/air/final93/93report.html.  Copies of the
>document also are available from the Great Lakes Commission for $20 (U.S.).
>Contact: Michael Donahue, mdonahue@glc.org; Julie Wagemakers,
>juliew@glc.org; or members of the Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions
>Inventory Steering Committee.
>Great Lakes Regional Air Toxic Emissions Inventory Steering Committee
>David ‘Buzz’ Asselmeier, Illinois EPA, 202-782-5811, epa2110@epa.state.il.us
>Gary Baker, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, 517-373-7058,
>John Bates, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, 317-233-4226,
>David Bola, Ohio EPA, 614-644-2270, david.bola@epa.state.oh.us
>* Orlando Cabrera-Rivera, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources,
>608-267-2466, cabreo@mail01.dnr.state.wi.us
>Mike Hopkins, Ohio EPA, 614-644-3611, mike.hopkins@epa.state.oh.us
>Dr. Suzanne King, U.S. EPA Region 5, 312-886-6054,
>Rob McDonough, New York Division of Environmental Conservation,
>518-457-2823, rsmcdono@gw.dec.state.ny.us
>Shane Moore, Indiana Department of Environmental Management, 317-233-0119,
>Rob Sliwinski, New York Division of Environmental Conservation, 518-457-2823
>Rick St. Louis, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection,
>717-787-4310, stlouis.richard@a1.pader.gov
>Peter Wong, OMEE - Air Resources Branch, 416-235-6130, wongpe@ene.gov.on.ca
>Chun Yi Wu, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 651-282-5855,
>*Steering Committee Chair
>The Great Lakes Commission is a nonpartisan, interstate compact agency
>created by state and federal law and dedicated to promoting a strong
>economy, clean environment and high quality of life for residents of the
>eight-state Great Lakes region (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New
>York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin).  The Commission consists of state
>legislators, agency officials and governors’ appointees from its member
>states, and also maintains a formal Observer program involving U.S. and
>Canadian federal and provincial agencies, tribal authorities, binational
>agencies and other regional interests.  The Commission offices are located
>in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
>Julie Wagemakers
>Program Manager
>Communications and Information Management
>Great Lakes Commission
>Tel: 734 665 9135
>Fax 734 665 4370
>Email: juliew@glc.org

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