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Enviro-Mich message from Harold Stokes <hstokes@bignet.net>

Dear Michigan Individuals and Leaders of the environment, peace,
social-economic justice and democracy activists:

Michigan, its communities and citizens as well as other states, could
lose the protection of many current and new environmental laws if
proposed congressional legislation is passed.

On the week of September 21 majority leader Newt Gingrich of the House
of Representatives has scheduled the consideration of an omnibus trade
package reported out of the Senate Finance Committee in July.  This
legislation would:

- Pass a NAFTA  (North American Free Trade Agreement) type bill for

- Expand NAFTA to 27 Latin American and Caribbean nations, and

- Authorize Fast Track for eight years as proposed by the Senate Finance
Committee, S.2400.   Fast track sets out substantive guidelines including
the use of international arbitration tribunals and specifically would
exclude labor and environmental content.  Procedurally in Congress, fast
track would prohibit amendments, limit floor debate to 20 hours, and
call for the vote within 60 days to adopt or reject the agreement and
specified adjustments in other US trade laws.

*Plus the House will be taking up an IMF Quota Increase bill that has
already passed the Senate, which would increase U.S. funding for the IMF
(International Monetary Fund) by 14.5 billion dollars.  This would
enable the IMF to continue its unfair, anti-democratic, and exploitative
lending practices.

These proposed legislative bills, if passed, greatly advance
transnational corporations, bankers and investors agenda for a bill of
rights to have sovereignty in the investment of funds over any nation
who adopts it and their constituents.  Communities, States and the
Nation will be subject to lawsuits whenever they resist where these
major investors choose to locate and where they are hampered in making
a profit even though the Community, State or Nation believes it is in
their best interest to protect the health, environment  and future of
their area (undermining democracy).

The adoption of Fast Track and the "Agreements" will give the
transnational investors far greater control of world commerce,
domination over nations and weaken the environment, peace,
social-economic justice and what democracy we still have.

Several organizations, Public Citizens, Alliance for Democracy, the
Preamble Collaborative, Friends of the Earth and the Sierra Club have
Addressed the MAI (Multilateral Agreement on Investment).  All of these
corporate based "Agreements" lower the status of the vast majority of
people and enhance the legal right of the richest people in the world
to continue to exploit whomever, however and wherever they can.  The
basic needs and rights of people are secondary to their accumulating
more and more financial wealth.  Our individual congressional
representatives need to hear from you and me as soon as possible.
Please contact your U. S. representative if possible while he or she is
in his or her district before congress reconvenes on August 31.

We greatly need each other's help to stop and reverse the domination and
and unquenchable greed of these multinational investors.  Please spread
the word and use what means you have available to stop the passage of
"Fast Track" and the "Agreements."


Harold Stokes
Scott Heinzman
Ronnie Dugger, Co-Chair of Alliance for Democracy

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