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E-M:/ For MSU/Spartan enviro's--Cross Campus Highway

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

A couple of months ago there was a post on Enviro-Mich
concerning the fact that money had been put into the federal 
highway bill at the request of the MSU Administration to 
finance the New Millenium version of the the 1970's monstrosity,
the MSU Trowbridge Extension Cross Campus Highway.

1.   Is anybody tracking this?   Is there any MSU Student environmental
activist leadership on this??

2.   What is the current version of this proposal and exactly who
is pushing it?

3.  Is U. S. Rep. Debbie Stabenow supporting or opposing this?

4.  What wetlands and woodlots would be affected?   Would this plow 
through the MSU Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. habitat area south of the
MSU Natural Resources Bldg. on farm lane?   Did the proposal to 
trash the MSU greenhouses have anything to do with the highway 

The 1970's generation of student environmentalists at MSU cut
their teeth on this issue....  a lot of MSU NR students were involved, 
along with faculty.   There was concern about the effects of highway
noise on dorms in the SW part of campus.  It was a hotly contested
issue that drew a lot of leadership out of ordinary students.    

Current proposals should be no less contentious or less deserving
of a lot of high profile organizing, research and student environmental
activism.    If these kinds of things do not happen, you may very well 
find that the project will just sail through.

Some students at MSU ought to take this on.....turn it into your
independant study on public policy.....


On a completely different MSU environmental issue, I made observations
of 100% opaque plumes for several minutes a couple of months ago 
from the MSU waste incinerator on incinerator road near the power plant
just west of Farm Lane.   For those spending more time on campus, has
anyone also seen these plumes and how often have you seen them.

Does this incinerator take radioactive research-related waste??

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