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E-M:/ Fieger Meets with Enviros

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

How important will environmental/conservation issues be in 
Michigan's gubernatorial election??   Some indication of this
may be today's meeting by Democratic Gubernatorial
candidate Attorney Geoffrey Fieger with key 
environmental leaders and volunteers.

Fieger held a private meeting with key Michigan environmentalists
today in Lansing immediately after his news conference 
announcing his choice of State Rep. James Agee (D Muskegon)
as his choice for running mate;  Fieger had also announced
his choice of Attorney Jennifer Granholm, Wayne County
Corporation Council, as candidate for Attorney General and 
State Rep. Mary Lou Parks (D Detroit) as candidate for 
Michigan Secretary of State.

At the news conference for the general media, Fieger mentioned
the matter of the $90 million payoff quaterbacked by Gov. John 
Engler to the Miller Brothers oil speculators in the Nordhouse
Dunes and called it one of Engler's scandals.   The Miller Brothers
are key Engler and Republican Party campaign contributors.

Fieger is planning further meetings with key environmental and conservation
organizations in his hopes to tap the vast discontent in these
key Michigan constituencies with Gov. John Engler's poor environmental
and conservation record.  State Rep. John Freeman, a highly 
regarded legislative environmentalist/conservationist and 
environmental attorney, has been helping Fieger to reach out
to Michigan's environmental and conservation constituency
and giving him advice on the issues.

Engler is widely regarded among key environmental organizations
as the worst governor on environmental protection, environmental health and
issues in recent political memory.

Engler's leadership and power-grab  to abolish 
Michigan's 60 year tradition of environmental protection and
natural resource governance by citizen volunteer commissions, his 
efforts to relax environmental laws and standards, his refusal
to meet with any of his environmental critics, his appointment of 
Russell Harding as his MDEQ hatchet-man, 
his record of abdicating environmental enforcement in Michigan to the EPA,
his high profile opposition to national air pollution health standards and
his deference
to Washington DC anti-environmental think-tanks in making judgements about
environmental matters in Michigan have all trashed Engler's
reputation in environmental circles.

Fieger told the assembled environmental leaders of his support
and articulation for environmental causes, which he said the media
has not reported.   He mentioned his experience in litigating
the issue of natural area/forest  preservation in Oakland County, the 
need to deal with land use and sprawl, his concern about 
dumping poisons in the environment, the environmental/transportation
issues concerning both new and existing roads, 
Great Lakes water pollution and the need to 
get on with the job of building mass transit as important issues.
He knew of the problems with the John Engler/Russell Harding-promoted
legislation on pollution secrecy and enforcement laxity.

Fieger also mentioned the importance of environmentalists
simplifying their key messages and mentioned that his experience
as a litigator in successfully convincing juries on key questions
showed the wisdom of this approach in winning on the issues.

Environmental leaders are expected to have further meetings
and communications with the Fieger campaign.

Posted by:

Alexander J. Sagady
Environmental Consultant
PO Box 39, East Lansing, MI  48826
(517) 332-6971;  (517) 332-8987 (fax)

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