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E-M:/ Fieger Speech Snippet

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Here is a small snippet of the Goeffrey Fieger speech to the 
Michigan Democratic Party convention mentioning the 
environmental issue....   Note Fieger's promise to reconstitute
the DNR "with citizen oversight."   This was one of the themes
of Friday's enviro meeting with Fieger....that Michigan must 
repudiate John Engler's executive orders that ended a 60 
year tradition of citizen volunteer commission governance 
over natural resources and environmental protection.   Fieger
added the phrase after our meeting with him.

The issue of citizen volunteer commission governance of 
natural resources rather than direct political control by 
politicians was the issue on which Michigan United 
Conservation Clubs was founded on in the 1930's.

Fieger also mentioned the occupational safety and health 
issue and the recent deaths of workers in the construction 
accident at the school building near Flint and the lack of 
state safety/health inspections.

" I cannot
neglect to mention the environment that has suffered
so much in the last 8 years.    I will reconstitute the
DNR with citizen oversight.    Polluters will pay for
cleanups, not the taxpayers.These are some of my
priorities. This is who I am and what I stand for.  I
keep my promises.    

But let me express a personal
note:     John Engler we are coming for you.    The
homeless you have created have found a home in
the Democratic Party.     The children you have
neglected have found an advocate in the Democratic
Party.    The elderly that you have abandoned have
found their strength in Democratic  Party.    And the
middle-class have rediscovered their Democratic
roots.     All of Michigan's citizens want to come home
to a Michigan that once was:

     A Michigan with clean lakes, streams and air.

     A Michigan with the best and safest roads.  

     A Michigan with the finest school system in the nation.

     A Michigan that is proud of it's heritage as the birth 
     place of the Progressive Labor Movement -- where the rights and dignity of
     workers were respected.

     A Michigan that will never become a "Right to Work State".

The Democratic Party is the Party of the people -- a party of heroes.
We reach out to Independents and Republicans to
come home to the Michigan that used to
be.........    FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND

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