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E-M:/ Engler News Release on Select Steel Case

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I thought folks on EJ and on EM would be interested in
seeing the latest John Engler news release on Select Steel,
in the NE Flint Metro area..

I've visited the proposed site of this facility and 
residences around the site will literally be within
about 150-200 feet of major emission sources at 
the site..... too close for residences to heavy industry.

The failure to consider all environmental impacts of
proposed major state actions in granting major permits
like this has become the hallmark of the 
Engler Administration's capitulation to whatever
big industrial corporations want.

Local environmental activists in the religious community
who saw the failure of MDEQ to address environmental
impacts fromt the Genessee Power wood waste 
combustor have been fighting to slow the Select Steel
project down.

This issue also illustrates how local elected and appointed
public officials will see the public down the road with 
bad and/or predatory planning.

Alex Sagady

September 2, 1998 (517) 335-6397

Governor Engler Criticizes EPA Policy 
"Agency's Policy Destroys Jobs and Development"

Governor John Engler criticized the Environmental Protection 
Agency's so-called "environmental justice" policy at a press
conference today in Genesee Township. Engler was joined by 
state and local officials concerned about job loss from the EPA's
actions actions that may cause the loss of 200 jobs linked to 
the new Select Steel project. 

"This is not just about the Select Steel project," said Governor Engler. 
"This is about every company that has ever had to deal
with the EPA's reckless, ill-defined policy on environmental 
justice. Environmental policies should be protective of all human
health and safety. The EPA's current effort bypassed normal 
policy making rules in a sneaky effort to heap new, unsupported
burdens on businesses. This 'guidance' from the EPA is vague, 
and does not address specific methods of environmental
protection equally for all citizens.

"The EPA is imposing their bureaucratic will over this community 
and punishing a company with the latest environmental
standards, all because of a baseless complaint," Engler said. 
"The net result is that the EPA is a job killer. No environmental
justice complaint has ever been resolved quickly by this paralyzed agency."

Engler was joined by Russ Harding, director of the state's Department 
of Environmental Quality, which approved a permit for
Select Steel after hearings earlier this year; and Doug Rothwell, 
CEO and department director of the Michigan Jobs
Commission. The Michigan Jobs Commission has been 
working with Select Steel since May 1996 to bring new jobs to the

"Clearly, all steps had been taken to protect every community 
resident, regardless of race or economic background," said
Harding. "The Select Steel permit was a well-planned, technically 
sound permit that would have allowed the company to be a
substantial economic contributor to this community. Instead, 
the narrow-minded, unrealistic policies dictated by Washington are
needlessly sending environmentally conscious, law-abiding 
job providers out of Michigan."

"This whole situation has been mind-boggling," said Rothwell. 
"As the Detroit News reported, the EPA hasn't even analyzed the
demographics of the area around the mill. This analysis alone 
is enough to put this complaint to rest, but at every turn the EPA's
efforts become less about environment and more about 
government intrusion. It's time to let this project continue and put this
whole policy, and the EPA's handling of it, under a microscope."

Select Steel, a proposed $175 million mini-steel mill is considering 
a site in Genesee Township. The mill is expected to employ
about 200 area residents. The company has said they will 
locate their plant in Toledo, Ohio, if the EPA cannot resolve this
complaint within 45 days. The EPA has acknowledged to 
the Detroit News that no such complaint has ever been quickly


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