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E-M:/ House Bill 4516

Something positive regarding House Bill 4516 (Backlot lobbying started at Higgins Lake).  I received a response from Kathy Holcomb, Legislative Aide to Rep Brackenridge, which I quote.
"Thank you for your recent emails on 4516.  At this point we do not anticipate anything happening with this bill within the remaining session time.  As far as reintroduction next year, with both Bev Hammerstom and Bob (Brackenridge) term-limited, unless someone else decides to pick it up, that we are unaware of, I would anticipate the bill being dead.
I have passed on the information you have forwarded, to the Representative, and will let you know if he believes any different."
It may be premature to Rejoice in total, but it's a good sign.