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E-M:/ Campaign Finance Reform

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <snakeman@expert.cc.purdue.edu>


Gee -wonder how all those nasty riders got into the funding bills to
begin with?  Could it be the influence of powerful polluting and
resource extraction industries?  Could it be political contributions?
Well, if you have your suspicions about this, you will want to make
one more call to your senators Thursday morning.  There will be a
cloture vote, to cut off debate on the McCain-Feingold campaign
finance reform bill early Thursday afternoon.

Please ask your senators to protect our environment by reducing the
influence of big polluters - ask them to support cloture on the
campaign finance reform bill!  A vote for cloture will end the
filibuster against the bill and allow it to come up for a fair vote.

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