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E-M:/ Summary of Michigan NOx SIP Call Forum

Enviro-Mich message from wrightd@voyager.net (David Wright)

         Representatives from Region 5 of the U.S. Environmental Protection
 Agency and Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality met with air
 quality activitists on Wednesday, September 9 to discuss the EPA's proposed
 NOx SIP Call as well as the Midwest and Southeast Governors alternative
proposal.  The
 meeting lasted from 1 pm until after 4 pm.  The meeting concluded with the
 agreement to meet again to discuss advocacy plans.

         EPA representatives described the history leading up to the NOx SIP
 Call, including the Northeast states' petition to reduce ozone transport
 under section 126 of the Clean Air Act and the results of the 37 state
 ozone transport assessment group (OTAG) study.  They discussed the results
 of the OTAG modeling and additional modeling that has been done as part of
 the SIP Call.  The additional modeling can be found at
 http://www.epa.gov/ttn/scram/regmodcenter/t28.htm.  Following the
 discussion of the modeling an EPA representative gave an overview of the NOx
 SIP Call and it's implications for Michigan.  EPA believes that the NOx SIP
 Call will address not only ozone transport in the midwest and the
 northeast, but that it will also be a major step to help Michigan meet the
 8-hour ozone standard.

         Following the EPA presenstation, Dennis Drake, MDEQ Air Quality
Division Chief gave an
 overview of the governors' plan and described the administrations concerns
 with the EPA plan. The governors' concerns include:

          EPA overestimates the transport from the Midwest to the Northeast

         Insufficient time was available to develop regional strategies that
         could address regional transport

         That EPA's ultimate responsibility is to tell Michigan whether or
         not we meet the air quality standards.  Therefore, it is not EPA's
         responsibility to tell Michigan to reduce emissions so that
         the Northeast states can meet the air quality standards.

         Much discussion took place regarding modeling assumptions, emission
 inventories, and what is the environmental community's goal for air
 quality.  At least one additional meeting will take place to discuss
 advocacy strategies.   If you would like more information regarding this
 meeting and the issues that were discussed please send me an e-mail

         Thank you to those advocates that attended and to the
 representatives from the EPA and MDEQ.

David Wright
Michigan Environmental Council
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