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This message came thru ZWA and I wondered if there might be more helpful
information in the group.  My experience is limited, the group is so
vast!  Thanks kbrown@wnol.net

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The following message was sent by Dr. Qadir:

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From: Dr Noman Fazal Qadir <get@paknet2.ptc.pk>
To: lynnlandes@zerowasteamerica.org <lynnlandes@zerowasteamerica.org>
Cc: nfqadir@mailcity.com <nfqadir@mailcity.com>
Date: Friday, September 11, 1998 2:18 AM
Subject: Help Wanted


We being an Environmental group are trying to improve the existing levels of
pollution in air and ground water. There are a number of issues including
the compliance of NEQS from industry, municipal waste management planning,
and reducing the levels of pollution discharging to ground water. We feel to
ask help from international organizations like yours to come and help us in
improving the Environmental Scenario locally, regionally and globally.

We are working on oil outlets like garages / service stations to clean up /
treat water before discharging it to municipal outlets. The existing tests
show high amount of BOD, COD, TSS, TDS, OIL & GREASE, PHENOL, LEAD, ZINC &
IRON. We would like to get feedback from your organization in terms of
suitable, effective, economical technology to convince service stations to
adopt and reduce the existing ground water quality and hence large scale
health problems.

I hope to receive information from your side in your earliest convenience.


Noman F Qadir Ph.D.

Dear Dr. Qadir:

Our suggestion would be that your country, like all others, needs to move
away from petroleum products and petroleum fueled vehicles to solar power
and other cleaner sources of energy. ZWA provides a general blueprint on how
to achieve Zero Waste and avoid waste and pollution. Since your question is
detailed, I have sent your message to the ZWA Network and other experts who
may have other suggestions to offer you. You may also want to check out the
information on the ZWA Remediation page:

Thank you for contacting ZWA.

Lynn Landes, Director

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