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E-M:/ Bottle deposit information from MUCC

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Date: Wed, 23 Sep 1998 13:38:00 -0500
From: Julie C Metty <muccpolicy@mucc.org>
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Organization: MI United Conservation Clubs
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Subject: Bottle Bill Threat
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You may have received an e-mail message yesterday from MUCC stating that
the legistors are considering lowering the bottle deposit from 10-cents
to 5-cents.  

Our message was not clear about who crafted this proposal, though, and
therefore some of you may have gotten the impression that
Representatives Kirk Profit and Ilona Varga were responsible for its
inception and supported the idea.  This is not true.  

MUCC asked people to contact these legislators because they are the
principal decision-makers in solving the foreign container problem. 
These two legislators are involved in this decision because they have
recognized that the Bottle Bill is a great law, but is resulting in
unintended consequences that need to be addressed.    These consequences
include a loss of revenue ($12 million) to the Natural Resources Trust
Fund because of out-of-state container redemption, and under-redeemer
retailers and distributors losing money as well.  MUCC believes this is
a serious problem and is working with the legislators to formulate a

MUCC asked that you contact these legislators not because they support
the concept of lowering the deposit value, but because they are the
ultimate decision-makers.  The concept of lowering the deposit value was
one suggestion of many that was offered by stakeholders (including
retailers, distributors, and manufacturers) at a workgroup meeting
hosted by the Representatives, who held the meeting hoping to produce a
fair and equitable solution.

MUCC apologizes to Representative Kirk Profit and Ilona Varga for
sending a confusing message to the environmental community. We
appreciate their hard work in increasing the integrity of the bottle
deposit law. 

We also want to thank those that responded to our alert, who gave a very
strong message that weakening the bottle deposit law is unacceptable. 
The Representatives are now no longer considering this proposal to solve
the problems associated with the Bottle Bill.  A substitute for House
Bill 5907, sponsored by Representative Kirk Profit, will be voted on in
the House Regulatory Affairs Committee tomorrow which does address this
problem.  This bill increases penalties for foreign container
redemption, requires retailers to post signs regarding these penalties,
and requires the state to reimburses under-redeeming retailers and

For more information, contact Julie Metty, MUCC Resource Policy
Specialist, 517/371-1041, muccpolicy@mucc.org

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