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Re: E-M:/ deq employees blast wetlands program

Enviro-Mich message from "david zaber" <dzaber@gateway.net>

For a great view of the ongoing wetland destruction policies of the John
(what do you call someone who fishes in a toilet?) Engler Administration,
take I-94 west from Jackson and about four miles or so out towards Parma
and look to the north along the former high quality wet meadows and
non-forested wetlands.  These areas were being dredged with the blessing of
drainage commissioners when I left Michigan in mid-1997.   Too bad, too. 
They were high quality wetland habitats. 

Just to let all of you Michiganders know that the dirty deals done dirt
cheap by the Engler Admininstration are not registering on the D.C.
political radar screen.  The latest PEER report on the wetland crises in
Michigan is the first really good piece of research done on the problems
caused by the extremist policies of the right-wing (until it comes to
subsidizing bigwigs such as the oil and gas industry) republicans in
Michigan.  We need to hear more about the issues here in D.C. in order to
start letting the country know about the attacks on the environment
currently being successfully orchestrated by the Engler Administration in

Best to all,

David John Zaber
904 Glaizewood Court
Takoma Park, MD 20912


Q  How many Engler administration members does it take to screw in a

A.  None, they are too busy screwing Michigan's environment.

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