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E-M:/ Whitmore Lake Air Quality

Due to the growing public concern around the Whitmore Lake Thompson - McCully Asphalt plant air emissions, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is conducting an air quality study in the affected area until the end of October 1998. A citizens group has formed in the area to assist the DEQ in this effort. To this end, we are requesting that citizens in the area keep a log similar to that which the DEQ is creating noting the date, time, location (address), weather, and wind direction during the occasions that they notice the noxious odors associated with asphalt. Each complaint must be logged individually. In addition to this written log, it would be very helpful if telephone calls to the DEQ Pollution Alerting System (1-800-292-4706) during an odor/emission occurrence be made or a FAX sent to the DEQ at 1-517-625-5000.

We will be meeting twice a month during the 98 -99 school year; the next meeting will be October 1st at the Whitmore Lake Middle School, south entrance, room C-5, from 7pm - 9pm. For further information on this effort call 734-449-8111 or 810-227-9563.  To receive an electronic version of a blank complaint log send a note to dsok1@ismi.net

Sue Kelly

Crossroads Group Sierra Club