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    Washtenaw County residents interested in participating in a world-wide
effort to document "green areas" have until Thursday to submit local sites for
a county map.
The so-called Green Map will document "sustainable sites" around the county.
That includes sites such as parks, farmers markets, bike paths, bird
sanctuaries, recycling centers and sewage treatment plants.

Township officials throughout Jackson County have taken a tentative first step
toward creating a regional water and sewer system.

Frankenmuth Township farmer Bernie H. Keinath says country charm often loses
its allure once newcomers catch a whiff of it.
He and others have noticed what some former city dwellers do after the siren's
song has lured them to the country: They complain.
"It took me out of the dairy business because I can't compete with the
complaints about the smell," 

LANSING - Families who agree to move into abandoned houses or build homes on
vacant land in Michigan's inner cities could receive help from the

Minorities have reason to believe they're exposed to more toxic pollutants
than others but so far haven't found a way to prove it in court, a University
of Michigan-Ann Arbor professor says.

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