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E-M:/ National Day Of Action On Home Depot October 14, 1998

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <wafcfrank@igc.apc.org>

Hello all,

This should be an easy and fun action to do.  Home Depot is areal scummy 
corporation that has been engaging in acts of greenwash and outright 
lying to activists.  It is time to show them we will go at their customer 
base and pocket book. They can no longer sell old growth lumber and get 
away with it!

There are a lot of Home Depots around the Michigan, and probably one in 
your town.

Email if you wnat to be involved. There are aloready some planned to 
take place in Michigan. I can contect you with these folks, or give you 
info to organize your own. I have materials and other good stuff to make 
it easier for youall.

Frank Ambrose
American Lands Alliance

On October 14, activists across the country will publicly call on Home Depot
to stop selling old growth wood products. Activists will hold educational
events, generate calls, and send coalition letters requesting meetings to
local Home Depot stores. Home Depot is the world's largest retailer selling
old-growth wood products. 

Since Home Depot is such a well-known company it would make a big impact on
the rest of the industry if they were to make a commitment to go old growth
free.  Recent meetings with Home Depot lead activists to believe that Home
Depot is close to making a decision so it is urgent that we continue to show
broad concern from many communities across the country. 

A variety of organizations have spent over a year working to get Home Depot
to make a strong commitment to go old growth free. The campaign is now at a
pivotal point, which is why grassroots involvement is so important right
now. We are calling on activists to pick a local Home Depot and organize for
October 14th. If you don't have a store in your area, you can organize a
call-in-day to a store in your state.

Earlier this year, a national campaign was launched to protect old growth
with the theme "Don't log it, Don't Import it, Don't Use It".  American
Lands joins other organizations(like Rianforest Action Network) working 
to stop the logging of old growth
forests both here and around the world, to stop the import of old growth
wood products, and end their sale.  We are calling for a switch to third
party independently certified lumber or products derived from recycled or
alternative fibers.

Please contact Frank Ambrose at 812-337-1631 (wafcfrank@igc.org) to get
involved in the Day of Action. Thank you for your interest in protecting old
growth forests!

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