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E-M:/ Enviro-Mich Milestones

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Today Enviro-Mich is now two years old....

.....and we also hit  500 list registrants today.....

Enviro-Mich has become a "mission critical" means
for rapid information dissemination and sharing between
individuals and groups in our Great Lakes State!!!   

In the next year, let's see if we can't get it up to 1000 
individuals hooked into Michigan's electronic network 
for Michigan environmental protection and conservation 
issues, citizen action in Michigan on these issues and
for watching elected and public officials and their performance
on environmental issues.

In the next year, let's hear more from (and of)  local citizen groups
and their struggles to keep their neighborhood environment
and resources free from pollution, impairment and destruction.

George Bush may have talked about a "thousand points of 
light," but here in Michigan individual voluntary commitment 
is how ordinary citizens, each dedicated to an issue, to preserving
some resource and to cleaning up a community, have kept
our state from turning into another Ohio, Indiana, Arkansas, 
Louisiana or Texas, or other locations with a reputation for
letting resources be plundered for short term economic and 
political gain.

Maybe someday even John Engler may come to understand
this very Republican approach and tradition for individual 
volunteer social and community
responsibility to environmental protection that we have here
in Michigan....but probably not since he's spent most of 
his time as Governor trying to destroy it on behalf of his big 
business and developer friends, and his buddies at the 
Competitive Enterprise Institute.

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