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Get Wild with GREEN! GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
GREEN State Biodiversity Network

Our new Campaign

GREEN has built an effective network of organizations and activists across the country to work for change in federal environmental legislation.  However, as states gain more power over wildlife and wildlands, the fight increasingly moves to the state and local level.  We see this as an opportunity and a challenge to push for strong state wildlife and wildlands laws.

Too often, local groups are working in the trenches without support of or contact with other organizations that have ideas, information, strategies, or materials to share.  GREEN wants to link these groups together and form a strong coalition of local activists across the country, dedicated to protecting wildlife and wildlands at the state level.  The program will be coordinated in Michigan by John Sanders, (608) 294-1338, johnnick@execpc.com.  Anyone interested should contact me (John Sanders).   We need feedback on big issues affecting biodiversity, coordinating the network, and contacts.  GREEN is looking to get the network off the ground ASAP, as we have many battles facing us on the state level.

The purpose of the network
Congress continues to attack federal environmental legislation, gut projects to preserve species and habitat, and cut funding for environmental programs.  State wildlife and wildlands laws must now provide real protection to not only endangered plants and animals but to these plants and animals before they become endangered.

As we all know, our state legislatures will not act unless they receive pressure from local organizations, activists, and citizens on these issues.  GREEN wants to provide support to local and state activists who are working to strengthen state biodiversity laws.  The goal of the network is to enhance the ability of activists and organizations to effect positive change at the state level on issues affecting wildlife and wildlands.

How we can help you
The GREEN State Biodiversity Network is a vehicle to help you find out what other groups across the country are doing and share information about fights in your neck of the woods.  We will also help rally support for your state campaign when needed.  If you feel like you are the only one that cares about wildlife or wildlands, we can put you in touch with others who are working for the same cause.

GREEN will provide you and your group with news and information of up-coming state legislation and share strategies, tactics, successes, and failures between you and other organizations through an electronic
network.  We are available to help research and analyze state legislation to create model state laws and to train activists in the tools necessary to get them passed. We want to be a resource for you to provide
information and support in the fight for strong state wildlife and wildlands legislation.

How to get involved. . .
We will be contacting you soon about the state network.  And, we’ll be sending you additional material about this exciting new program soon.  When you sign up for the new network, we=92ll send you weekly updates on conservation topics through e-mail and get you in contact with other local organizations and activists working on wildlife and wildlands issues.

GREEN State Biodiversity Network
Membership Form
John Sanders
c/o GREEN    Or Email at johnnick@execpc.com
1121 University Drive
Madison WI,  53715

Contact Name:
Group Name: (if applicable):
Title (if applicable):

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Phone: __________________ Fax: __________________ E-mail: _______________

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How large is it? ___________ How do you reach your activists? _________________

Do you send your members publications?________  How often? _________________

What state and local issues does your group work on? _________________________

Working with GREEN

Do you want to join the network?        Yes        No        Need more information

Which issues would you be most interested in working on with GREEN;

State Endangered Species Acts              Habitat Acquisition

Other State Biodiversity Acts              State Lands Growth Management                         Animal Damage

Control Programs  Other    _____________________________________________________________

What biodiversity projects have you/ your organization been involved in? _____________________________________________________________________________

Yes, I would like to receive electronic updates and action alerts.

Yes, I would like help in researching and analyzing state legislation.

Yes, I would like to help in creating model wildlife and wildlands laws.

Yes, I would like organization training on how to effect statelegislation.

WILDlines and Action Alerts

Would you like to receive WILDlines, electronic updates of state biodiversity campaigns and issues?                             Yes. No

If yes,    by fax         fax number: _______________________by e-mail     e-mail address:

Contact person (very important):
Yes, I will send updates on my campaigns and issues in my state.(please send updates to )

Yes, I would like to receive action alerts on state biodiversity issues.