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Enviro-Mich message from "david zaber" <dzaber@gateway.net>

Dear Michiganders,

I received a response to my email on the Senate hearing last week which
chided me for using cliches and misspelling the word intellegence.  The
person posting this message did not have a registration on enviro-mich and
my response to him did not go through.  In addition to pointing out my
misspelling, the person urged me to stick to facts and figures and
indicated that there are republicans that care about the environment.  Of
course there are.  It's just that republican politicians have a funny way
of showing their concern.  Here is a set of facts on how Michigan's Senator
Spencer (Brains behind Dan Quayle) Abraham shows his concern for our

1995:  Senator Abraham voted to:

1.	Gut health protections for the elderly and children (S. 1);
2.	Rollback environmental safeguards (S. 343);
3.	Kill drinking water safeguards that would have prevented contamination
by bacteria such as Crytosporidium, a pollutant that killed 104 people and
made over 400,000 people ill in Milwaukee;
4.	Prevent the public from knowing what toxins are being released by
industry in their neighborhoods (S. 343);
5.	Stop all listing of endangered species under the Endangered Species Act
(H.R. 889);
6.	Prevent recovery of the endangered red wolf (amendment to H.R. 1977);
7.	Sell off lands owned by the public (S. Con. Res. 13);
8.	Allow oil drilling in the only area of the Alaska's northern shores
protected from such drilling (S. 1357);  (he did this twice, folks)
9.	Stop the giveaway of minerals on U.S. public lands (amendment to H.R.
10.	Cripple EPA's ability to enforce health and environmental laws (H.R.
11.	Gut funding for international family planning (H.R. 1868)

1996: Senator Abraham voted to:

1.	Continue a moratorium on listing endangered species;
2.	Continue the allow logging on the national forests without any
environmental laws.
3.	Promote environmentally destructive cattle grazing on sensitive public
lands using tax subsidies;
4.	Sell off public lands;
5.	Continue subsidies to the sugar industry, one of the primary entities
destroying the Everglades;
6.	Gut international family planning efforts;
7.	Subsidize destructive and costly pork barrel water projects;
8.	Subsidize the nuclear power industry; 
9.	Gut funding for environmental programs and enforcement at the Federal

But wait, there's more.  Between meetings with corporate polluters and
other big money donors to his campaign war chest, Senator Abraham found the
time to:

1.	Vote to support a rider attached to a flood victim relief bill that
allowed states to claimm the right to build roads across national parks,
monuments, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas using a 130-year old law
known as R.S. 2477. (S. 672).
2.	Vote to continue wasteful tax subsidies for logging on the national
forests; ( H. R. 2107);
3.	Vote to support an outrageously wasteful water project, Animas-La Plata
Irrigation Project, which would pump half the water out of the Animas River
in Colorado using enough energy to power a city of 60,000 people.  The
project includes construction of 200 miles of canals and pipes, all at
taxpayer expense (S. 1004); 
4.	Vote to continue restrictions on international family planning (H.J.
Res. 36);
5.	Vote to continue subsidies to mining companies destroying public lands
for minerals such as gold (after all, nearly 80% of all gold goes for

Well, as you can see, Senator Abraham has wasted very little time becoming
an anti-environmental lunatic bent on destroying the very laws that make
our lives healthier and safer.  This should not surprise anyone, however. 
Why?  Well.....

In 1994, Michigan's Junior Senator took $310,560 from anti-environmental
Political Action Committees (PACs).  In 1996, the Senator took $113,500
from anti-environmental PACs (it was an off year).  And in 1998, Michigan's
 republican Senator took has taken in $47,350 from the same PACs, while his
total PAC contributions were $146,414 as of August of 1998.  But be aware,
the Senator is on the lookout for anyone who will give him money and the
total will steadily rise as he runs for re-election in the year 2000.  

Now, about the spelling of the word Intellegence.........

David John Zaber
904 Glaizewood Court
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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