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E-M:/ Phenomenal speaker

Enviro-Mich message from Tracy Dobson <dobson@pilot.msu.edu>

Dear Enviro-Mich,

If you can, take the opportunity to hear New Zealander Marilyn Waring when
she speaks at the end of this month at MSU - info below
>The Center for Advanced Study of International Development (CASID) AND
>The Women and International Development Program (WID)
>are proud to present
>Dr. Marilyn Waring
> The Sustainable Landscape: Idealism or Reality?
>Even before her award-winning video, Who's Counting: Sex, Lies and Global
>turned heads in 1996, Dr. Waring challenged the assumption that
>international business
>systems are adequately meeting the environmental needs of both local and
>global communities. 
>Don't miss this rare opportunity to hear Dr. Waring discuss moving rhetoric
>to frame a
>sustainable basis for environmental theory and action:
>what is the place of individuals in the global environment
>what values the "bottom line" does not include
>whose values will count
>understanding the danger of the environment being colonized by economics
>Friday, October 30, 1998
>12:00 noon to 1:30 P.M.
>Kellogg Center Auditorium
> * * * FREE ADMISSION * * * 
>Dr. Marilyn Waring will coming to MSU to speak on environmental and global
>economic issues
>and their intersection. By approaching economics, politics and environmental
>issues from the
>viewpoint of the average citizen, she challenges the assumption that
>international business
>systems are adequately meeting the needs of both local and global
>communities. Using plain
>language laced with ironic humor, she notes that currently used economic and
>systems do not count many things--among them environmental damage and the
>work of
>She is an articulate and engaging speaking who communicates well with all
>especially with undergraduates. While her message is one slowly making its
>way into
>mainstream economic and environmental discussions (most notably "green
>accounting"), she
>delivers it with a no-nonsense, straightforward sense of amused outrage
>which finds resonance
>among young people. She makes a convincing argument for changing an economic
>system that
>does not value clean air, water, and the unspoiled ecosystems which sustain
>and enrich life on
>Waring is a feminist economist with a Ph.D in Political Economy, a
>development consultant who
>has worked in more than a dozen countries, a farmer, and an activist for
>"female human rights."
>She became the youngest member in the New Zealand parliament in 1975. She is
>currently a
>senior lecturer in Social Policy and Social Work at Massey University in
>Auckland, New
"The obscure takes a while to see, the obvious, longer."

Tracy Dobson
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