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Enviro-Mich message from "Tim Flynn" <tflynn@freeway.net>

>While I am not noted for giving the DNR credit on many fronts, on the land
>sale in the Pere Marquette State Forest I will point out that this forest is
>only one of two out of the six in state that has a State Forest Plan, and that
>in fact this action is evidently consistent with that Plan.  Section J, "Land
>Ownership and Administration" on pages 64 & 65 of the PMSF Plan (adopted in
>1994) discusses the overall issue 
In addition to the facts Anne lists, the PMSF also includes in it's plan the
right of the public to propose amendments to the plan!!!!

If someone is interested in filing an amendment to the PMSF, to say add the
requirement of public hearing before any lands are sold, or any are
exchanged, I'd be willing to get you the language from the plan on how to do

This process hasn't been used, yet, but this would be a good issue to start
with.   According to the plan, if you propose an amendment they have to give
you a hearing on your idea, and they have to do it with in90 days, I think. 
They might not agree to the amendment but they'd have to respond to the
issue and have to do so in writing and in public.

State Forest land exchanges, clearly, need public review, both from local
citizens and from larger public interest groups, before they go forward.  
Right now it is impossible to keep track of the changes in ownership.   No
surveys for endangered species or outstanding natural values are required to
be conducted.

Tim Flynn

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