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genetixCyberSnowball - Part of the Global Days of action against
genetic engineering
-+ People needed! Please distribute widely, quickly and responsibly!
-+ Contents [1: Electronic Civil Disobedience Alert, 2: E-mail
petition Alert]
-+ Contact genetixcybersnowball@yahoo.com
-+ Goto gcs.8m.com or gcs.webjump.com

-+ Introduction
genetixCyberSnowball is 12 days of internet actions from the 4th to
the 15th of October.
Throughout this period the dangers of genetic engineering will be
highlighted through a number of imaginative internet actions taking
inspiration from the highly successful UK genetiXSnowball and Gen
Briefly the problems with genetically engineering food can be summed
up as:
Health - Dangers of allergies, possibility of gene transfer, food not
subjected to rigerous testing (as medical drugs would be).
Environment - Cross breeding with other plants (even in organic crops)
with devastating effects, overwhelms any advantage the food may have,
risk not properly tested.
Development - Seeds sold as wonder solution to third world, but not
the real solution (which is self help), Terminator Technology (seeds,
whose plants make only infertile seeds) would be the kiss of death to
those relying on subsistance farming.

-+ Electronic Civil Disobedience
The largest of these actions will use 'Electronic Civil Disobedience'
tactics to target a biotech multinational web site using techniques
similar to those developed for the ECD Floodnet actions in solidarity
with the plight of the Zapatista. This will be on **SATURDAY 10th OF
OCTOBER AT 1900 (7PM) GMT**.
This involves the use of internet nodes (you!) requesting resources
from a remote server (using multiple requests) to decrease the
effectiveness of it's ability to advertise the organisation. By using
a distributed network the possiblity of effective counterattack is
decreased and net traffic - blocking other users is kept to a minimum.
To take part, simply go to the website!

-+ E-mail petition
This e-mail has been forwarded to you in the hope that you will agree
with the letter below and participate in the petition.
To take part in the petition you need to forward this e-mail to the
four addresses below (copy and paste them into the 'To:' box - or
preferably the 'BCC:' box)
Edit the new e-mail so the subject line reads "Genetic Modification of
foodstuffs" and delete all text above the dashed lines
Remember to add your name(s) at the bottom and 'personalise' the
e-mail to your likeing.

To: positions.statement@monsanto.com, dekalb@dekalb.com, info@ag-tec.com
Subject: Genetic Modification of foodstuffs
Dear Sir/Madam,
I write to express my deep concern at your involvement in the genetic
modification (GM) and release of foodstuffs.
I feel that they pose severe and very real risks to the environment,
public health, and to the developing world.

The risks of releasing these plants into the environment are not
known,and there is clear evidence that they are higher than you insist.
Cross breeding [1] and contamination of other crops is very possible
and has high and quite irreversible problems.

The heath risks are also worrying, there is little research into
whether GE could trigger allergies, cause toxic build-up or
gene-transfer [2] inhumans.

The developing world, and poorer people in general, are also at risk
from this technology. It promises to 'banish' hunger and starvation,
but the benefits may never arrive (like the 60's 'green revolution') 
- they're just too expensive.
Particularly, technologies such as Monsanto's 'Terminator Technology'
- which makes a plant's seeds infertile - mean that sustainable
subsistence farming would be abolished; without multinationals the
poor could not grow crops.

I hope you take our worries into account and cease these dangerous and
reckless experiments until the risks of these technologies can be made
entirely clear.
[Your Name]

[1] Allison Snow, Ohio State University has investigated the cross
breeding of GE oilseed rape with the weed, brassica rapa and found
that the weed could pick up the herbicide resistance of the oilseed.
[2] For example, using the virus-like agents created to implant new
genes into plants. This has been documented as occuring in mice with
'Terminator Technology'.

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