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Things are heating up with the ESA in Congress.  According to rumors
in Washington, Senator Kempthorne's Species Extinction Bill, S. 1180,
has been attached as a rider to an omnibus appropriations package in
the House.  Congress will have to make a decision before the end of
the weekend in order to avoid a government shutdown.  Until these
rumors are confirmed, we need to assume the worst. We will be sure to
keep you posted as we find out new information.

We are encouraged by reports that resistance to an ESA rider is
continuing to gather bipartisan support both in the House and also
with key members of the Administration.  However, there are still very
strong forces attempting to push this bill forward.  Senator
Kempthorne will be retiring at the end of the session in order to run
for Idaho State Governor.  He and many of his cohorts are saying that
they would like this bill to be left as a "legacy."

We can't let this happen!  Your calls, letters Op-Eds and lobby visits
have pushed off a vote on this for the past year.  Let's push it over
the edge with one last blitz!


At this point, the two pressure points are going to be in the House
and within the Administration.  Let's give them the support they need
to kill this bill before the session ends.

Call House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Interior Subcommittee chair on
the House Appropriations Committee Ralph Regula.  Ask them how they
can, in good conscience, allow Congress to gut the Endangered Species
Act, our nation's most cherished environmental law, WITHOUT DEBATE!

Speaker Gingrich's number is (202) 225-4501, fax: (202) 225-0351

Rep. Ralph Regula's number is (202) 225-3876, fax: (202) 225-3059

And then call Vice President Al Gore.  Ask him to oppose this bill in
every way shape and form.  This is his chance to show some true
environmental leadership in a time of crisis.

Vice President Al Gore's number is (202) 456-2326, fax (202) 456-2883


This is it folks!  Thanks for all your help!  As always, we'll give
you the update when the smoke clears.

Eric S. Wingerter
GrassRoots Environmental Effectiveness Network
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Washington, DC  20005
Tel: (202) 682-9400 x 236
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