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E-M:/ Senator Abraham's voting record

Enviro-Mich message from "david zaber" <dzaber@gateway.net>

Dear Michiganders,

I received a note from an enviro-mich recipient asking for an explanation
of what are clearly misleading constituent letters coming from Senator
Spencer Abraham's office regarding the Senator's environmental voting
record.  With regard to this situation, I have two items:

First, keep up the pressure.  When he was first elected, the Senator would
often ignore constituent's comments on environmental issues (his staff said
he was busy).  The Senator is also very afraid of his constituents as
evidenced by the fact that he literally ran away from us when we visited
his office on Capital Hill a couple of years ago.  He had just kissed some
lobbiest (sp?) and we walked up and asked for five minutes but he left and
ran to the back room.  He then sent out some young kid to talk about issues
that he had no idea about (forest health, salvage logging).  It exemplified
one of the main problems with Congress: Know-Nothing staffers with "policy"
degrees preventing information and constituents from reaching the
politicians.  This is a huge problem with both democrats and republicans
and I see no end in site.

Second, Here is some further information for activists to use in their
fights against the scum of the Senate and the horse's asses of the House. 
(yes, there are many good ones out there too, so don't get your britches in
a snitch).

Dear T.H., (I would use your full name but I don't know it)

Spencer Abraham is a deceptive one-termer who clearly is misleading his
constituents.  Be careful how they phrase things in those letters.  Often,
anti-environmentalists can say they voted for reauthorization bills (i.e.
Clean Water Act) when those reauthorizations would have gutted the existing
laws.  The names of the bills are often made to be as misleading to the
public as possible.  Many of the  Abraham vote are for amendments which
would gut the laws but then have been vetoed by the Pres. or defeated in
the House.  Also, many of the bills are designed to destroy existing
protections via backdoor "riders" or weakening amendments.  This was the
case for many of the bills the Senator voted for.  This is done by the
Republican majority (and often democrats) to allow the members to say they
"voted for" this or that, when in reality those bills were designed to
either go down in defeat or to again, weaken existing protections.  In the
case of the Endangered Species Act, the senators can say they voted for the
ESA yet the bills would destroy the law's ability to really protect
species. This is the current situation with the Kempthorne/Young bill.  

In a related issue, many industrial polluters and their supporters (i.e.
the pulp and paper industry - the folks that brought you dioxin and furans
in your air/food/water - have a group called The National Council on Air
and Stream Improvement).  Groups like the Farm Bureau, which sound like
solid, all-American, citizens are at the heart of many of the worst
anti-environmental efforts in the nation). So, its truly buyer beware when
it comes to believing what many of the politicians are saying.

Remember, these know-nothings are very adept at public relations.  It is
essential that one look at the actual bill/amendment/rider they voted for
or against before making a determination on the action they took.  For more
information on the specific bills and dollar amounts that Spencer Abraham
voted for or recieved, respectively, please go to the following web sites:

League of Conservation Voters (I think its www.lcv.org or similar, try a
search on Yahoo if that URL doesn't work).  This will give you a
1995/1996/1997 scorecard for each U.S. Congressperson or Senator.  Just
follow the directions and you can find Abraham's disgusting record with
full explanations of all of his votes and the exact description of why they
were bad.  

Then, for the money trail, go to Environmental Working Group's webpage
(www.ewg.org) and click on the "Where You Live" link.  This will bring you
to one of the most useful website on the www.  Follow the instructions and
you can find out the names and amounts of all candidate donations put
together in an incredibly useful format.  Then, you'll see the hideous
amounts of money all the candidates and politicians take in.  This is all
Federal Election Commission data so no fudging is possible.  The names of
the PACs and their primary role's and issues are also given.  This site has
specific information on so many environmental issues I guarentee you will
come back for more info as you dive into the muck of environmental

I hope this information helps you to become a better and more effective
activist.  However, if you are a person who works for, or supports Senator
Abraham, please disregard this information and go to the following website:

www.slimebags.republicans.take from the poor and give to the
rich.congressional staffers.com          

Or, if you work for sellout, anti-environmental democrats (i.e. Michigan
Rep. Tom Alley) go to;

www.clueless.democrats.throw money at every problem.whitehouse interns.com

(just kidding on these sites folks)

Take care,

David John Zaber
904 Glaizewood Court
Takoma Park, MD 20912

David John Zaber
904 Glaizewood Court
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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