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E-M:/ Michigan Reps LCV Scores

Enviro-Mich message from "david zaber" <dzaber@gateway.net>

Folks, thought you may want to see the entire Michigan congressional
delegation's 1997 League of Conservation Voters voting scores.  This allows
for some fun comparisons among members.  Note the scores of Reps. Barcia,
Smith, Knollenberg and Camp.  They really are at the fringe of
anti-environmental voting.  For those of you with the unfortunate fate of
being in Nick Smith's district (Jackson/Hillsdale area), you can find a
letter from Nick Smith to the Jackson Citizen Patriot (search 1996, I
believe) where Smith complains about the subsidies for national forest
logging.  Then, go and see Mr. Smith's vote on logging road subsidies last
year.  Funny how they often say one thing in the district and do something
altogether different when they get to the District of Corruption....

Also note that Peter Hoekstra originally ran on a pro-environment stance. 
Things change as you can see below.

One of the more disturbing records is that of Dale Kildee.  He is one of
the ranking minority members of the House Resources Committee (they don't
even call them natural resources anymore -thank you Don Young (D-AK)).  Why
is Mr. Kildee able to run as a pro-environment candidate when he cannot
even pass a 50% level?

If this email goes through intact, you should be able to click on the names
and it will bring you to the LCV site for the respective member (although
your browser must be able to switch back and forth between email and the

James Barcia (D) MI - 5 25% Bart Stupak (D) MI - 1 50% Peter Hoekstra (R)
MI - 2 38% Vernon Ehlers (R) MI - 3 56% David Camp (R) MI - 4 13% Frederick
Upton (R) MI - 6 56% Nick Smith (R) MI - 7 31% Debbie Stabenow (D) MI - 8
81% Dale Kildee (D) MI - 9 50% David Bonior (D) MI - 10 75% Joe Knollenberg
(R) MI - 11 13% Sander Levin (D) MI - 12 75% Lynn Rivers (D) MI - 13 88%
John Conyers (D) MI - 14 88% Carolyn Kilpatrick (D) MI - 15 63% John
Dingell (D) MI - 16 63% 

p.s. For more fun with graphs, plot a regression of the LCV scores against
the amount of PAC money from anti-environmental PACs. This info is
available from www.ewg.org and click on Where You Live.  Enjoy.
David John Zaber
904 Glaizewood Court
Takoma Park, MD 20912

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