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Re: E-M:/ Clean Air Alliance of Michigan

I and the staff at the Michigan Land Use Institute remain very interested.
We need more than a week's notice to schedule an all-day downstate trip
and again will be unable to attend.
However, we are glad to sponsor a press conference, forum, or in-district
meeting with elected officials, as well as perform local data collection.
Consider us a willing resource, but one seldom seen.
If you are scheduling a next meeting, please pick a day between
November 11 and 22, and we're most likely to attend.

Elliot Levinsohn wrote:

Meeting Notice
Air Quality Alliance of Michigan

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 26 at 12:30 p.m. We will be meeting again at the Ecology Center in Ann Arbor, 117 N. Division.

Those in attendance at our first meeting were: Jeff Gearhard (Ecology Center), Charles Griffith (Ecology Center), Kathryn Savoie, (ACCESS), Julie Metty, (MUCC), Vicki Levengood (National Environmental Trust - Michigan), Karen Kendrick-Hands (EMEAC), Brian Imus (PIRGIM), David Wright (MEC), Laura Montes de Oca (U of M -School of Natural Resources), Elliot Levinsohn (ALAM/Alliance Chair).

At our first meeting held on September 22 we discussed what the purpose of this alliance should be and identified some air quality issues that we are presently working on independently (or loosely coordinated with other organizations) and began the process of identifying some of the more critical air quality issues that we might want to jointly work on at some level.

It was agreed upon by the members that we craft an environmental report card that would identify the current status of our state's air quality and the steps (by the alliance) that would be necessary to challenge or make improvements to the current conditions.

A lengthy discussion took place on the new EPA NOx reduction rules and the future implications of forcing expensive controls on the coal-burning utility plants and the investment consequence of long-term future reliance on coal for our primary electric energy supply (more discussion is certainly needed) in contrast to the urgency to encourage and support our need for greener/cleaner energy sources. Some discussion took place concerning mobile source pollution and its significant impact on our air quality and how we should respond to this issue. EPA's Urban Air Toxics Strategy was also a point of discussion which will be further explored at the next meeting.

We also agreed that each of us should bring a laundry list of what we would like the alliance to address as far as priority issues. Perhaps we could identify a few of these key issues at this next meeting and begin to strategize on how the alliance could more effectively meet these objectives.

We also need to discuss some general housekeeping items such as media relations/response, locating funding sources, in-house communications, our decision-making process, membership responsibilities, working committees, etc. Your ideas are certainly welcomed.

If you need directions to the Ecology Center or have any general questions, please feel free to call me (Elliot) at (517) 484-4541 or Karen at (313) 885-7588. Hope to see you all on Monday. And  finally, let us know if you're new and coming for lunch or there is a likely possibility we won't have enough food, and that would be a sad situation.