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E-M:/ Enviro-Mich Housekeeping

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

I first want to take this opportunity to thank Dave Poulson, 
environmental journalist extraordinaire in the Lansing Booth
Newspaper office, for taking the time/energy/substantial effort
to provide us with a URL pointer summary to the Booth Chain's
environmental/conservation news items.   This strictly volunteer
activity is a very important contributor to persons on this list
getting a comprehensive view of what's happening in our
state on environmental issues.

Thanks, Dave, for your efforts above and beyond the call of 


I've been asked by  a number of Enviro-Mich list registrants
to please remind everyone about postings that should NOT be 
placed on Enviro-Mich.

Here are some examples of the types of items which should 
NOT be posted:

1. Private replies to messages that will not be of interest to 
all individuals  on the list.  This is, in my opinion, the most often abused
posting rule for Enviro-Mich.   Strictly private conversations
do not belong here as postings on this list go to over 500 people.   These 
also include what I call  "me too" non-substantive response 
posts that are replies to items on the list.

2.  Strictly national materials that do not specifically spell out
their explicit connection to Michigan's environment, Michigan 
politicians and/or activities of Michigan citizens.

3.  Strictly generic environmental discussions that do not have
explicit reference to Michigan-specific problems or controversies
on Michigan environmental/conservation issues.

4.  All forms of copyrighted material is specifically prohibited from
the list unless there is explicit permission granted by the published
in writing.....copyrighted material includes newspaper, paid newsletter
and magazine articles.   You may post a brief summary and a URL
showing the location of the referenced item.

5.  Unsubstantiated personal attacks on inidividuals that rise to 
libel.....  If you accuse someone of being a crook or illegal 
malfeasance, you'd better have evidence when it is requested, or
you risk being excommunicated/unassimulated from the "Enviro-Mich

6.  Material which only has an incidental connection to Michigan environmental
protection and conservation issues, environmental-related actions of
Michigan policians, actions of Michigan corporations affecting the 
environment here in Michigan or activities of federal, state or 
local citizen groups here in Michigan.

7.  Cheap shots or  excessive/disruptive "flaming" material concerning
another person's posting, or "flaming" over grammer, spelling or other
such trivial matters.

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