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Re: E-M:/ Wetland Protection

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


You talk about trashing. This Agency and Governer have "trashed" much of our
natural resources. Look at # 3.  

3. construct, operate, or maintain any use or development in a wetland,

What do you call using a wetland for both storm water run off and retention of
excess water from a parking lot with salts, oils, nitrates, phosphates,
etc.....a "use."  You are probably an official who had to put his two cents
worth in, and sound just like the Livonia DEQ folks who dont even give good
lip service. Why must you fight, split hairs and constantly argue from a
postion of NOT protecting as opposed to giving any benefit of the doubt to
protecting resources first! and developers second. You are a sad man to defend
these crimes against nature.

if you read any of my posts regarding the Engler Regimes assault on our state
agency and natural resources, you will see that two times i expressed that
there are brave, decent, honest folks in the field who work for the agencies
of government that are currently being managed under stalinist methods. READ
SCIENCE UNDER SIEGE to get a full understanding of just how many good people
there are. 

You conviently decided not to address the other several laws that were broke
during development of these projects as well. Are you for real?????

murray dailey

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