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E-M:/ Oakland County--A Sacrifice Zone?

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

 Lake Orion Review. Sept. 14, 1997. 
Murray Dailey 
@reprinted by permission of LOR

Oakland County--A Sacrifice Zone?

Early one morning I watched a raccoon shimmy up a telephone pole. The racoon
hung tragically, as if holding on to the mast of a ship going down. The
telephone pole, on south Elizabeth street, just east of M-24, is the last
standing, vertical anything next to Ground Zero, or, "Krogers, Shops On The
Shore".  The racoon was looking down on it's decimated habitat. A few of these
nocturnal creatures will linger, but many other species are about to be driven
into local extinction.
The entire property to be destroyed, Camp Franklin, adjacent to the recently
leveled area  for Krogers, is home to white-tail deer, fox, opossum, red-
tailed hawk, numerous plant species such as trillium, and potential endangered
orchids. Waterfowl, frogs, turtles, snakes, and salamanders call this place
Home! There exists mature forest conditions and complex hydrological systems
within the greater ecosystem of Long Lake on Camp Franklin property. There are
two regulated wetlands and recharge ponds with direct connections to Long
Long Lake is the Headwaters of Stoney Creek. Stoney Creek runs through at
least seven lakes and wetlands in Bald Mountain State Park. Long Lake will
receive toxic run-off from the mega-parking lot and the planned high density
residential development, The Shores. Bunny Run Lake, downstream from Long
Lake, has already negatively impacted the state park according to Wayne State
biologist, Professor and Associate Chair, Anton Hough. He has been studying
the ecosystem here for twenty years. Even with Detroit city sewer hook-up, he
reports that the pesticides, herbicides, nitrates, phosphates, salts and oils
will contribute to the degradation of what is supposed to be a treasured
jewel, our Bald Mountain State Park. Eutrophication in the parks lakes is
clearly occurring. The direct impact to Long Lake has already begun. 
Are people in this community willing to accept the willful destruction of all
that value in the living? Are you willing to just put up with water being
ruined, and nature being driven out from right under our noses. With such a
tragic lack of respect, ethics and care for the living and the environment, is
it any wonder kids are killing themselves and each other? Why bad drugs and
guns and violence continues? We are not giving kids places to care about, to
aspire to, to respect. We give them malls and bars and paste-up architecture.
We don't value living creatures. It might as well be road kill and strip mall
Orion Township and Village Government and the Robertson Brothers Developers
have sold us down the river. They have approved and planned the degradation of
a community and Bald Mountain State Park by lack of foresight, leadership,
innovation or vision.  
I and the raccoon hang high on a lonesome pine, looking down on something that
just didn't have to be.

@Murray Dailey 

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