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Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@igc.apc.org>

Here is a compilation of all the sales that are in the process (either 
being cut or in NEPA) on the Huron Manistee National Forest.  There is a 
possiblity of there being more goig on than this, as I obtained this info 
througha FOIA, and they sometimes "forget" to send you all the info.

I have copies of all the relevant documents  (decision notices, scopings, 
and EA's) for each of the sales mentioned. Contact me for a copy or a 
more in detail explanation.

Frank Ambrose

The Huron Manistee NF

There are several areas on the Huron Manistee NF that are going to be 
treeless soon, or are have been stripped of the trees recently.  

I wrote to the Forest Service to get a copy of all sales that are in 
progress, or are being prepared.  Here is a list of the sales.

First, the Forest Service is planning to a total of 16,184 acres: 6,683 
acres are to be clearcut, and 9501 will be selectively cut.

There are some 4300 acres+ the Iosco county sale that are unclear on how 
they will be cut.
Here are the sales that are being cut, or are at various stages of NEPA:

1. Luzerne area:

Tornado blowdown, 668 acres of tree removal, supposedly for fire danger 
reduction.  Final EA in the works.

2. Township 25+26:

Clearcut 5 stands aspen, 243 acres, thin 115 acres oak, twostage clearcut 
in 110 acres of oak -replace with white pine.

3. Meridian Road, Canoe harbor, harbor Oak, Hull's Kitchen, North Dune 
Timber sales.

All 5 are covered in a 24 page+ maps Enviro. Assessment.
-thin 628 acres of oak
-clearcut 49 acress of oak
-383 acres of oak two stage clearcut
-104 acres clearcut jack pine
-maintain 402 acres of upland openings by burning and bush hog
-901 acres of jack pine plantaion creation

4. Queens COrner Project area

-Active sale, FONSI issued 9-18-98
-clearcut 1495 acres of pine
-thine 1454 acres of jack pine, by row
-michigan shore to shore hiking and horse trail passes through area, will 
be relocated

5.  Marilla Grouse Project

-EA is being prepared, as far as  I can tell
-clearcut 280 acres of Aspen
-harvest activities will be analyzed on 1300 acres, of which 700 are in 
the 20-30 year age class

6. Colfax township, boon townhsip
Nine Pines timber sale, Pwerline timber sale

Nine Pines
- collecting info for two EA's in one scoping
-480 red pine thinning
-10 acres clearcut of jack pine
-107 acres thinning red pine
-6 acres jack pine clearcut
-25 acres of aspen clearcut
-64 acres of uneven aged hardwood thinning
-344 acres of evven aged hardwood thinning(is this a clearcut?)
-9 acres of hardwood clearcut

7. North Newkirk Twnshp, dover township, wexford county, lake county,
State road timber sale, South branch timber sale

-Collecting info for two EA's in one scoping
State Road
-226 acres aspen clearcut
-214 acres red pine thin
South branch
-207 acres rred pine thin
-231 acres jack pine clearcut
-27 acres aspen clearcut

8. research Pines timber sale

-40 acres pine thin
-corporate research at our expense

9. Iosco County fuel reduction

-Categorically excludes a cut around several private inholdings
-no acreage given
-mostly pines

10. Pine Gate timber sale

-thin 866 aacres red pine
-clearcut 22 acres jack pine
=clearcut 92 acres oak
-112 thinning of oak
-84 acres of thinning(finishing a shleterwood cut ie 2 stage clearcut)
-13 acres oak overstory removal
-39 acres thinning

11. hale, MI Britt road project

-thin 3400 acres red pine plantations
-28 acres jack pine and oak overstory clearcut
-31 acres of jack pine overstory clearcut
-clearcut 230 acres of pine, aspen and oak

12. South Branch/Wicker Hills Proect

-thin 327 acres of red pine
-clearcut 60 acres of jack pine
-thin 72 acres oak/aspen
-clearcut 75 acres red and jack pine (supposed fule reduction)
-clearcut 80 acres of jack and red pine for wildlife
-provide 12 dead and down trees per acre to enhance old growth character
-clearcut 30 acres of aspen
-25 acres of oak thin

13. Wallahalla area

-thin 691 acres of red and white pine
-thin 57 acres white pine and oak

14. Minnie pond project

-primarily a recreation proposal
-clearcut 9 acres aspen
-thin 334 acres red pine plantation

15. Mcduffee Creek project

-clearcut 13 acres of aspen
-thin 269 acres of red pine
-clearcut 50 acres red pine overstory

16. Lake, Mason, Muskegon, Mescota, Newaygo, Oceana counties storm salvage

-3000 acres damaged by storm
-unclear on what is to be done, no acreage and proposed treatments -just 

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