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E-M:/ FS Meeting in Chicago

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@igc.apc.org>

Hey there,

Mark your caleders, This sounds like a meeting that can not be missed. 
Chicago, Nov 18, your chance to tell the forest service what you think 
about its policies of mining, grazing and logging our public lands (not 
to mention "leasing" them out to rich developers for ski resorts). 
Michigan should have a strong voice here, as its public lands are bieng 
raped and pilaged at much higher rate than several surrounding states.

Hopefully we can overflow the room with speakers from the region.

Frank Ambrose

USDA Forest Service News Release
Contact: National Media Desk 202-205-1134
Alan Polk 202-205-1089
E.Lynn Burkett 202-205-0958


Washington, DC (Oct. 19, 1998) -- A series of national public meetings,
starting Tuesday in Los Angeles, will kick off the US Forest Service's
development of the Forest Service Strategic Plan (year 2000). The Forest
Service will be using public meetings, e-mail, letters, surveys and faxes to
gain public insights about how future Agency programs should be managed.

"We are committed to seeking public input before we develop our National
Strategy," US Forest Service Chief Mike Dombeck said today. "Knowing and
understanding the expectations of the American public for Forest Service
programs in the 21st century is critical to determining the most appropriate
long-term goals and objectives for Forest Service programs."

The Government Performance and Results Act requires Federal agencies to ". .
.solicit , and consider the views and suggestions of those entities
potentially affected by or interested in" the development of strategic
plans. The Forest Service is holding public meetings, asking for written
comments, and conducting a public survey in early 1999.

Dombeck urges the public to provide input by attending one of seven meetings
or provide it to the Agency in writing. The Agency will be accepting written
comments by mail, fax, and e-mail. Forest Service representatives will be at
the meetings to answer questions.

"This first round of public input, supplemented by survey results and other
information, will provide the foundation for a draft strategic plan,"
Dombeck said. "Once the draft strategic plan has been developed, it will be
available for public review and comment."

The public meetings are as follows:

Oct. 20, Los Angeles, Calf., contact: Mike Srago, (415) 705-2855;
Oct. 27, Seattle, Wash., contact: Dick Phillips, (503) 808-2281;
Nov. 4, Washington, DC, contact: Rod Kuhn, (202) 205-1033;
Nov. 10, Atlanta, Ga., contact: Bob Wilhelm, (404) 347-7076;
Nov. 18, Chicago, Ill., contact: John Dwyer, (847) 866-9311;
Dec. 1, Albuquerque, NM, contact: Parks Hillyard (505) 842-3202;
Dec. 3, Denver, Colo., contact: Pam Skeels, (303) 275-5152.

Written comments should be sent to:

USDA Forest Service-SPRA
Attn: Kathryn P. Maloney
P.O. Box 96090Washington, DC 20090-6090

Comments may also be e-mailed at resources.program/wo@fs.fed.us or faxed to
Kathryn P. Maloney at (202) 205-1546. For additional information, call (202)
205-1235, or visit Forest Service web site at http://www.fs.fed.us/pl/rpa.


Jim Bensman

"Nature bats last."

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