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Re: E-M:/ wetlands letdown

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com


You raise some excellent points. i might add:

Lake Orion has its own wetlands ordinance. It is actually a good document.
Strong tree ordinances are also very good tool to restrain sprawl. Like
everywhere else though, including DEQ, "use" is open to interpretation and
special interest influence is rampant.

Even with progressive land management policies, local government ordinances
are utterly useless when a developer simply threatens or actually sues the
munincipality to force it s master plan down their throats. Even if the
Munincipality is on strong legal grounds, one suit can bankrupt it. And we all
know how difficult it is to get pro bono representation.

Village and township planning commissions and boards are often made up of
mostly developers and real estate agents. 

Thus, next to full on revolution, utter involvement in local government by
preservationists is required. This is a crisis.  We have 1/4 of our wetlands

I believe a moratorium is in order. 


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