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Re: Re: E-M:/ G. Marx and wetlands issue

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Date: Monday, October 26, 1998 11:57 AM
Subject: Re: Re: E-M:/ G. Marx and wetlands issue

>I think Mrs. Dobson was off the mark too. You are also. Asking taxpayers to
foot the bill for protection of wetlands? I think conservation easements are
viable way of preserving vital lands and watersheds, but are simply
for replacing law and policy.

The state acquiring wetlands is the only way to ensure that they are
preserved.  I am not suggesting that we replace law and policy.  Just that
if all people benefit from preservation of a resource that all people should
bare the financial burden to preserve that resource equally.

>Do you think a greedy developer is going to sacrifice BIG profits for some
dinky tax write off?? NOT.

No, that is why the "people" should own the wetlands collectively.

>I think the post today on enviro-mich regarding the Cedar River Suit (Way
go Chris!!) is good reflection of the work ethic of most if not all
developers. This is a motley crew that history will not treat well.

Litigation is a two edged sword.  It can backfire big time and create
precedent which is detrimental to your cause.

>Also, you miss the point that there are laws which have been subverted and
"reinterpreted" to make it legal (rubber stamp) to pave right up to the edge
of wetlands. I am sure the nazi's made all kinds of things legal. This does
not mean they are right, moral, or good. .

The point is not lost on me.  The solution is to vote Engler and others with
similar agendas out.  Are you committed enough to the cause to contribute
10% of your income to oust Engler?  If you do not participate in the
legislative process you deserve what you get.

>As far as holding DEQ staff accountable, i have said at least four times
we all know that there are good field staff in our agencies. Gary Marx is
apparently not one of them. When people like myself attack the DEQ, we
MAKE IT CLEAR that we know it is the upper management, Key appointees
(cronnies) and corrupt Engler regime that is at fault.

I have had causal dealings with Gary Marx for a decade in regards to permits
on my farm.  He has always been professional, and I have no doubt that he is
trying to protect the environment.  Smearing him and other DEQ employees
like this is bullshit.  They are not the enemy, but unwarranted attacks like
this could turn them into one.  You are a fool.  You opened your mouth and
removed all doubt.  With people like you representing the environment it is
no wonder that Engler is eating your lunch.

>Noone, including yourself or Gary have answered the real question, what is
"use" if it isnt using wetlands as sewers to retain and "filter" toxics and
storm run off, which contains god knows what concoctions. I hear all kinds
rhetoric about this and that and the other thing. How about quit evading the
question. This is so DEQ like.

I agree that the runoff poisons the wetlands, but there are no laws which
address the problem.  Blaming the DEQ rank and file for not enforcing
something where there is no statute is foolish.  How about seeking
legislation to require a 100 foot meadow buffer between any development and
the wetland?

And have you considered that the real problem is excessive population
pressure.  Remove the population pressure and the bottom will fall out of
much of the development.  I could present a good argument that most of the
ills of the world are due to too many people competing for too few

I said in my earlier post that inventors have become very active in the last
five years in government at the federal level.  As a leader of that movement
I have learned many lessons about how to lobby and make my points
constructively.  It is foolish to make an enemy out of people who have no
control over the situation.  If you do not like the law then start working
to change it.  Don't expect DEQ staff like Gary Marx to sacrifice themselves
when you do not have the gumption to stand up and be counted in a way that

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