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Re: Re: Re: E-M:/ G. Marx and wetlands issue

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

Are you committed enough to the cause to contribute

10% of your income to oust Engler?  If you do not participate in the

legislative process you deserve what you get.

I have been participating in the "process" for over a decade. I have initiated
and attended over 20 meetings with legislators and written hundreds of

I have recently hung two banners suggesting that the "people" take back our
land and resign Engler. I have contibuted $$ to the cause of removing engler
from office. i continue to do undpaid canvassing for the removal of Engler
from office.

I have contributed to the re-election of my U.S. representative and organized
media events to highlight his loyalty to protection of our Natural Resources.
In fact, i single handedly and successfully lobbied my US rep for his vote to
repeal the infamous "salvage rider." 

I am precinct delegate captain for Oakland County Democratic Party.

I write letters to the editors regularly praising officials when it is due and
criticizing them when warranted.

I am working and donating time to get a local elected as county commissioner
because his platform seeks to improve drinking water quality in my region.. 

I attend many of my munincipalities meetings.

I successfully saved over 15 acres of wetlands in my community. (though they
are still being used for sewers)

I have been to lansing several times over the last few years to make my voice
heard on state issues around Engler and his dismantling of the DNR. This
includes rallies and demonstrations. 

I could go on and on.

I have had causal dealings with Gary Marx for a decade in regards to permits

on my farm.  He has always been professional, and I have no doubt that he is

trying to protect the environment.  Smearing him and other DEQ employees

like this is bullshit.  They are not the enemy, but unwarranted attacks like

this could turn them into one.  You are a fool.  You opened your mouth and

removed all doubt.  With people like you representing the environment it is

no wonder that Engler is eating your lunch.

I am not even going to dignify this with a response.

I agree that the runoff poisons the wetlands, but there are no laws which

address the problem.  Blaming the DEQ rank and file for not enforcing

something where there is no statute is foolish.  How about seeking

legislation to require a 100 foot meadow buffer between any development and

the wetland?

Mr. Riley, there is a statute-- "use" of a wetland. Again, you have failed to
prove how or why using wetlands as retention ponds and other run-off is NOT
something covered under the statute. You are simply advocating the same thing
the DEQ continually evades. 

Mr. Marx has suggested that there is no law against paving right up to a
wetland, or using it as retention exludes it from a permit requirement. This
works great for DEQ because that also allows them to reinterprete when a
wetlands hearing is applicable. A hearing would then bring to light the issues
which could cause a permit to be denied.

I will retract my statement that has been construed as a smearing to say that
Mr. Marx seems to fall on the side of the argument and policies advanced by
those who have torn the agency up and allowed it to be hijacked by developers
and industry. I do not know how make that sound impersonal. 

If this wasnt true, he would have stated his position, then offered some
insight as to how to make this provision work more for protecting rather than
destroying and rubber stamping.

I will say again, Mr. Marx may well be dedicated professional to the cause of
protecting the environment. All i had to go on was is statement regarding this
statute which is what i was repeatedy told by DEQ officials from the Livionia


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