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LANSING - For all the arrows his critics let fly,  Gov. John Engler has a
simple response: Michigan's air, water and land got cleaner on his watch.
Like many political statements, this one contains some truth and some
deception. It also masks a gap in data for which Engler is partly responsible.

JACKSON - The Citizen Patriot has an extensive multi-day series on lead
contamination. You can find it under the Cit Pat banner at

SHIAWASSEE COUNTY - The communities are quiet, small towns where everybody
knows everyone and kids can ride their bikes without fear.
Many of the townships are filled with farmers who make their living growing
crops such as corn, soybeans and wheat, and operating dairy farms set on large
tracts of open land still largely undisturbed by development.
But as more people move into the county, many worry about farmland becoming
home to subdivisions and strip malls as well as the wear and tear on already
worn roads.

ANN ARBOR - It costs $350,000 to build one mile of two-lane subdivision road.
Water and sewer mains each cost at least $150,000 per mile.
Suburban schools are crowded while urban schools have empty rooms.
Why not build homes where infrastructure is already in place, police patrol is
easy and shopping is within walking distance?

BAY CITY - A cleanup of an old electrical substation near downtown Bay City
may help the city develop 42 acres in the South End.

BAY CITY - The process for getting renovations approved in a Center Avenue
historic district is ready for anxious homeowners to review.
The proposed ordinance changes would set up a review process ranging from
"fast track" approval of small jobs, such as painting, up to consideration of
an architectural committee for major construction.

   FLINT - If Flint leaders ever decide to build a ballpark, casino or
convention center, Roberta Brandes Gratz might say the plan is out of this
Specifically, in the orbit of AutoWorld.
"Flint, it seems to me, has all the direct experience one needs to understand
how project planning and big plans don't work," said Gratz, an author and
urban critic.

MUNDY TWP. - Intense odors wafting from Citizens Disposal landfill at Grand
Blanc Road and U.S. 23 could become a thing of the past as composting
operations at the site are phased out by the end of this year.

SAGINAW - Bridgeport Township has changed dramatically since Interstate 75
opened in the community in 1961, but the township's master plan largely has
followed the same path.
Township planners now are rewriting the 37-year-old document, a guideline for
where new homes, businesses and industry

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