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Re: Re: Re: E-M:/ G. Marx and wetlands issue

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>I have been participating in the "process" for over a decade. I have
and attended over 20 meetings with legislators and written hundreds of

Maybe you are not as effective as you might be.  One reason could be lashing
out at the wrong parties.


>>I have had causal dealings with Gary Marx for a decade in regards to
on my farm.  He has always been professional, and I have no doubt that he is
trying to protect the environment.  Smearing him and other DEQ employees
like this is bullshit.  They are not the enemy, but unwarranted attacks like
this could turn them into one.  You are a fool.  You opened your mouth and
removed all doubt.  With people like you representing the environment it is
no wonder that Engler is eating your lunch.

>I am not even going to dignify this with a response.

You may not respond but I hope you give it serious consideration.

>Mr. Marx has suggested that there is no law against paving right up to a
wetland, or using it as retention exludes it from a permit requirement.

Mr. Marx suggested that you should not be attacking the rank and file in the
DEQ.  He never suggested anything else.

>I will say again, Mr. Marx may well be dedicated professional to the cause
protecting the environment. All i had to go on was is statement regarding
statute which is what i was repeatedy told by DEQ officials from the

Why don't you quit wiggling on the issue and simply admit it was wrong to
slander Mr. Marx.  And give serious consideration to the fact that it is
foolish to alienate people without a very good reason.  This is political

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