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E-M:/ Michigan League of Conservation Voters Backs Granholm, Names State Housse and Senate Picks

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Wednesday, October 28, 1998




The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) is endorsing Democratic candidate Jennifer Granholm for Attorney General while endorsing three State Senate and seven State House candidates.

The 12-year-old political action committee says environmental issues should be particularly important in this election in light of repeated attacks by the Legislature on state environmental laws in the 1990s, and recent polls showing Michigan voters support strong environmental laws and policies by overwhelming margins.

"We’re enthusiastically endorsing Jennifer Granholm for Attorney General," said Michigan LCV board member Lisa Wozniak. "She’s committed to maintaining the emphasis on environmental enforcement that Frank Kelley established more than two decades ago. As Attorney General, she’ll fight to preserve Michigan’s natural heritage of clean air and water and protection of public recreational resources like our forests and Great Lakes."

Added Wozniak: "The Attorney General’s job is often overlooked in voting decisions about the environment, but it’s pivotal. The Attorney General can investigate and pursue environmental outlaws and protect taxpayers by forcing polluters to pay for cleanup of their messes. The Attorney General can also be a vigorous regional and national defender of Michigan’s interests, including battles against Great Lakes water diversion. Jennifer Granholm will protect the public’s resources and its pocketbook."

For the State Senate, the Michigan LCV is endorsing three candidates: Democrat Barbara McDonald in the 33rd District; Democratic challenger Kenneth Warfield in the 8th District; Democratic incumbent Senator Ken DeBeaussaert in the 11th District.

"Barbara McDonald is much more strongly committed to sound environmental policies than her opponent," said Wozniak. "She’s vowed to work for Great Lakes cleanup and increased recycling programs."

"Ken Warfield is superior to the incumbent, Loren Bennett, who has been a leader in rolling back Michigan’s environmental laws. Bennett sponsored polluter cover-up legislation, helped gut the ‘polluter pay’ law, and opposed an effort to limit out-of-state garbage imports," Wozniak said.

"Ken DeBeaussaert is a true champion for environmental protection," she added. "In the last four years he’s been one of the Senate’s environmental leaders. He fought for the $90 million in Proposal C that is targeted at water pollution cleanup and he opposed the gutting of the ‘polluter pay’ law."

For the State House, the Michigan LCV is endorsing seven candidates: Democrat Laura Baird in the 70th District; Republican William Byl in the 75th District; Republican Jon Jellema in the 89th District; Democrat Rose Bogardus in the 47th District; Republican Patricia Godchaux in the 40th District; and Democrat Randy Bertram in the 107th District.

"We’re pleased to be able to endorse candidates of both parties who have signaled a strong interest to environmental protection," said Wozniak. "Many of them have a track record of environmental accomplishment."

The Michigan LCV's issues platform calls for legislation establishing a citizen oversight board for the DEQ; tougher pollution standards to prevent health harm to kids; laws giving local governments additional tools to curb urban sprawl; increased efforts to fight Great Lakes water diversion; and a state energy policy that favors efficiency and renewable sources over dirty, coal-burning power plants.

The Michigan LCV is a non-partisan statewide organization which supports candidates for public office who are strongly committed to protecting the environment. The Michigan LCV endorsed 13 candidates seeking election to the Michigan legislature in 1998 primary elections, including Republicans James Reilly in the 83rd District and Daniel Reszka in the 105th District; and Democrats Derrick Hale in the 14th District, Dave Woodward in the 34th District, David Richards in the 41st District, Deborah Cherry in the 50th District, Liz Brater in the 53rd District, Mark Shauer in the 62nd District, Lynn Martinez in the 69th District, Philip Brown in the 71st District, and Lance Hendrickson in the 101st District. In Senate primaries, the Michigan LCV endorsed Democrats Kristi Carambula in the 21st District and David Anthony in the 38th District.

The Michigan LCV is contributing a total of $1000 to the endorsed candidates.

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