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E-M:/ Gubernatorial Race

Enviro-Mich message from Eckhart Dersch <dersch@pilot.msu.edu>

Those who believe that the gubernatorial race is a lost cause may wish to
register your disenchantment by voting for a registered write-in candidate,
TERRY LINK.  I know that he subscribes to Enviro-Mich, so may be surprised
to see this unsolicited endorsement - but nevertheless - he is a strong
environmentalist, very knowledgeable about contemporary environmental
issues and their political ramifications, and on top of it all he has his
fingertips on an enormous environmental information base as librarian at
Michigan State University in charge of environmental and natural resource

The option of not voting at all in a gubernatorial race leaves me feeling a
little too disconnected.

Eckhart Dersch

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