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Enviro-Mich message from anne.woiwode@sfsierra.sierraclub.org

ENVIRO-MICHer's -- My guess is most of you will go to the polls on Tuesday.
If you are questioning whether or not to exercise that critical, badly
maligned right that is our only direct power over those who shape the laws
that shape our environment, please read below! AW

To: Sierra Club Leaders and others
From: Carl Pope


Dear friends:

The 105th Congress just went home.  It voted to poison the children of farm
workers, double logging in Sierra Nevada National forests, wait until 60%
of the farms in Texas go belly-up from drought before taking action on
global warming, leave Sacramento's citizens exposed to the dangers of
catastrophic floods, stick the taxpayer once again with the bill for
cleaning up after mining companies, and continue a vendetta against
international family planning programs.

Actually, it  voted for much worse -- this is simply what survived the
"negotiations" between this Congress and the Clinton Administration.

But if the election were held today, millions of Americans, including tens
of thousands of Sierra Club members and millions of their environmentally
concerned friends, would not vote.

They would not vote -- even though they are disgusted the Congress tried to
do its dirty work beyond locked doors and voted on a 40 pound
appropriations bill that even its authors had never read.


Because Sam Donaldson and Wolf Blitzer and Kenneth Starr have convinced
them that all politicians are alike, that politics doesn't really affect
their lives, and that staying home is a way to express moral outrage.

You and I know a better way.

Vote. Carefully.  Vote for candidates who care.   Vote for candidates who
listen.  Vote for candidates who care about the environment.

But above all, vote.

The mood of this election is already shifting.  A month from now candidates
who have talked about things that matter to Americans and their families
will be riding a tide.

But the election is in a week.  Please show Kenneth Starr that even in a
week Americans can take back their democratic process from him and his
allies in the media.  And the way to do that is to vote, of course.  Ask
your friends to vote.  Ask your parents and your children to vote. Ask the
check-out clerk in the supermarket to vote.

And send this message, with any comments and additions of your own, to
everyone on your email networks today.

But let it the message, VOTE, roll across the internet at least as quickly
as the last joke you received.

Because staying home is not a joke.

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