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E-M:/ FWD: SEAC Endorses Zero Cut!

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

For Immediate Distribution:

Under the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act, Michigans National
Forests would see immediate on the ground relief. Relief that years of public
input and participation and appeals have been unable to provide on any kind of
science based approach or scale. 

Are you tired of being overwhelmed with thousands of different fires to put
out? Is your favorite neck of the woods up for the auction block? I know
several of mine are.

Please use this opportunity to send your stories and experiences in Michigans
Forests and Wildlands. 

Our Forests need your voice! 

Murray Dailey

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Good news from the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)... SEAC 
goes Zero-Cut!!!


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Subject: THRESHOLD goes ZERO CUT!!!

Hey SEACland!

Threshold, the movement magazine of the Student Environmental Action 
Coalition, is doing a special issue on the national ZERO CUT campaign!!!

     You may be asking... what _is_ ZERO CUT? 

Simply put, ZERO CUT is a nationwide campaign which seeks to end 
all commercial logging on our public lands.  SEAC officially endorsed the 
national Zero Cut campaign at the past National Council meeting in 
Boulder, and student groups around the country, from Maine to 
California, from Alaska to Florida, are already taking action to end 
commercial logging on our forest lands.

So, we want you to send us your stories about your activism for our 
forests and wild lands.  Articles should be no longer than 1200 words in 
length and shorter articles are definitely OK!  Original artwork,  
photographs of your actions, creative writing, and poetry are also welcome!

We're also going to be including all of the standard Threshold departments 
in this action-packed issue: Womynspace; Organizer's Toolbox; Regional 
Roundups; advertisements for stuff that you think SEACers should know 
about; and the SEAC Calendar of upcoming events.  So please write to us 
and let us know what's going on!

Submissions for the Zero Cut Threshold should be sent via e-mail to: 
threshold@seac.org  by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30th, 1998

If you have any questions, you can either call the SEAC National Office at 
(215) 222-4711 or the Threshold production staff at (607) 273-8832

     For the Earth,

     Jonathan Mawdsley
     Threshold Committee


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