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E-M:/ Vote No To Stumps!

Enviro-Mich message from Murphwild1@aol.com

The forests of northern Michigan need your vote! To some, our forests are
distant, colorful, moving, refreshing, often scary---fading away as we return
to our daily grinds and urban lifestyles. To others, they are everyday life
and sacred backyard. 

To still others, they are commodity in a world market of industrial size
strength held to a shareholders standard and a pulp, paper, or chip mills
sourcing areas capacity. What is extreme here?

Michigans Forests leave imprints on us, like fall leaves, rejuvenate us, and
get us to thinking about concepts other than money, status, material and
consumer drives. They are retreat and tonic. They seem vast and self
sustaining. A little is still wild and untamed. 

Most of our forests are completely categorized and divided by roads into
sectors, quadrants, types, rotations, cycles, commodity, board feet, sawtimber
and pulp, state and federal plans all intertwined with thousands and thousands
of miles of roads to reach the maximum harvest potentials and ASQ's. 

The forest you walk through today, leisurely and excitedly admiring a bird
you've never seen, an  especially big tree, or a critters tracks, is earmarked
for cutting. You may never get back there, or in twenty years you return to
see stumps, but it will be cut, sooner or later. The No Action Alternative is
seldom seen. Alternatives b, c, and d, are also seldom seen.

Each time I go into the woods I cautiously guard my optimism and enthusiasm,
knowing that the particular place I am discovering for a first time, has been
documented in a timber management plan for it's aspen, maple, or pine harvest
value based on a rotation cycle that will not exceed sixty or seventy years.
Trees will then be "overmature" and "likely to be lost to disease or insect". 

 It is distressing to know that your favorite neck of the woods is earmarked
for cutting. That is cold industrial fact.

 The forests on our national, state and corporate lands include an astounding
amount of life. Not with the abundance that was there before European
settlement, but still substantial as life, period. A few thousand acres have
been protected as wilderness for now, but one thing is true, nothing is sacred
when it comes to our forests. 

The problem is not going away, it is getting worse. The status qou must go!
The only rational, sane action we can take to start to deal with the problem
is to vote Governor Engler out of office, for our state forests sake,  and
then move to pass the National Forest Protection and Restoration Act.

 A real Plan -A real future! 

This NFPRA was introduced in Congress in 1997 by Jim Leach (R-IA) and Cynthia
McKinney (D-GA). It would end commercial logging on federal lands and redirect
the Forest Service timber budget to ecological restoration, worker retraining
and community assistance.

NFPRA is supported by hundreds of conservation,
environmental, religious, and scientific organizations. It has 36 cosponsors
in Congress.

Timber volume cut from National Forests in fiscal year 1996: 3.87 billion
board feet, ONLY 3.9% of the nation's total yearly (100.3 billion board feet)
timber consumption. (From Public Media Center and the Max and Anna Levinson

The NFPRA would send a message to the world, the future, and ourselves that we
are gonna actually do something to slow the destruction down, to reverse our
path and move forward with hope. 

After the voting on Tuesday is over, please write a letter to your new or
former legislator and request formally that they support an end to logging in
our National Forests. 

We must move decisively in setting the debate for our next congress.
Regardless of who remains in power, the message must be clear--We the people
must take back our Natural Heritage. 

For a copy of Clearcut or Zero-Cut?, or more information,


Heartwood--heartwd@bluemarble.net, GARD-- murphwild1@aol.com,
NWR--drcornet@up.net, Native Forest Council--zerocut1@forestcouncil.org 

For the Forests!
For our Future!

Murray Dailey

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