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Re: E-M:/ Reply to Murphy

Enviro-Mich message from Frank Ambrose <fambrose@igc.apc.org>

I would like to reply to Mr. Smethurst's email about state forest 
management in Michigan.

You make an argument that logging is important to local economies.  It 
is, on private lands.  On public lands there is no need to do **any** 
logging what so ever.  The Forest Service has shown that logging provides 
somewhere around 160 times less income and jobs to local economies than 
does recreation, in Michigan. These numbers are for National Forests, but 
one can assume it is not much different on State Lands.

That is right, logging is out weighed in money and jobs.  And on top of 
that, it diminishes and destroys a local communities opportunity to draw 
in recreationists.  Who wants to visit cut over areas? 

To prove this point, one should look at the study completed in The UP.  
It shows that the National forests followed best management plans that 
best (even though these were not anywhere near acceptasble levels). 
Privat lands were managed second best, and State forests had the worst 
management practices of all land types managed for timber. So, if people 
dont like to visit the best managed lands, we can resonably assume that 
they will not visit very poorly managed lands.

About the ecological needs to log (ie aspen).  I have heard over an over 
again that the aspen needs regenerated in the forests.  My question is 
why.  THe next question I have is how much of Michigan was once aspen,and 
what is the precent composition today?  The final question is how did it 
regenerate before white people began clearcutting?

My guess is that we have a lot more aspen now than in the early 1800's, 
and that it regenerated in fire areas and blow downs. Both are prevented 
from occuring naturally in their own way today(fire suppression, and 
salvage logging so the wood is not "wasted," with pine plantation 
creation as a followup activity).

Frank Ambrose

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